Thank goodness this is finally over

Now that I am finally leaving for Korea in a few hours I can finally stop having a conversation that I have had roughly 9,345 in the past two months since I was hired to teach English in Seoul. I had my first one with some friends of a friends the first day I got the job and hopefully have had the last one ten minutes ago when the security guard who was chosen to additionally screen me started asking me what I was going to do in Korea. The conversation goes pretty much as followed:

Person: So, you’re going to Korea?

Me: Yes, I am

Person: So, are you excited?

Me: Ya, it’s a pretty big adventure

Person: How long are you going for?

Me: A year

Person: Wow! What an adventure!

Me: Ya, I’m pretty excited

Person: Wow…

Me: yep

and that’s pretty much it. I never want to have this conversation again.


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One response to “Thank goodness this is finally over

  1. JR

    I know this is an old post, but when I left for Korea in 2005, it was the same. I probably had this exact word for word conversation too. Change it all to the past tense and that is what you will get for the most part when you return home. Great blog by the way. I look forward to reading more!

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