Cookies and Basketball

(Writers Note: I’ve noticed an awful lot of traffic coming directly to this post. I figure it’s mostly because of the picture of Mike Miller and that somehow I ended up being the first site linked to when you search for his picture on Google. Anyways, if you check this site check out MY RECENT NBA post, I don’t do many, but this new one is pretty entertaining, i think…better than this one that I wrote in 20 minutes while sitting in the airport waiting to fly to Seoul…k…anyways, continue reading, hope you enjoy…11/07)

It was the last truly American thing I would probably do for a year. The night before I was to leave on a plane for Seoul, South Korea, I could not sleep. It wasn’t so much nervousness of my impending trip as it was the fact that I can usually never fall asleep before 3 a.m. So despite the fact that I had to get up at 5 a.m. to head to the airport I decided to stay up and eat chocolate chip cookies and watch the United States Men’s Basketball team pummel Venezuela.

A few thoughts (even though this is probably dated now that we’ve also pummeled the Virgin Islands):

– The big question most people asked heading into the tournament was whether or not Kobe could adapt his game to playing with teammates who had talent. From the beginning I thought that this was a ludicrous question. Despite Kobe’s ego I can hardly imagine any player wanting to have to shoulder an entire team for an entire season. Do people think he enjoys being double and triple teamed? Do people think he enjoys being beat up all game for 82 to 100 games a year? Honestly, Kobe just looks excited to have someone to finally pass to. Additionally, next to Jason Kidd, he’s the best passer on the floor and easily the most talented player out there.

– Seeing the perimeter defense of Tayshaun, Billups, and Kobe is amazing. It would save the other team time to simply have all their players just stay on defense, heave the ball from half court and hope it goes in, because when those three are defending the three point line that’s the only way the ball will ever sniff the paint.

Dwight Howard is awkward as hell…but he is a man among boys out there. It’s like watching an overly tall eighth grader, who is not accustomed to his body yet, grab rebounds over the 5th graders on the playground.

Carmelo Anthony’s game is perfectly suited for international play.

Lebron Jame’s isn’t.

– Michael Redd’s 3 point shooting will turn out to be a crucial part of this team.

– A million dollars to whomever brings me the hair of Mike Miller…it needs to stop…it makes my head hurt…for this reason alone he should not make the final olympic squad…Sadly it probably won’t be enough on it’s own….luckily there are many more practical reasons to cut him

– Even though we cake walked over the team it never looked like the offense was really clicking. We should easily get the Olympic bid, but I’m still not sure we’re as good as Argentina who, despite our physical advantages, play like a group of people who have played with each other for many years…probably because they are a group of people who have played with each other for years.

– One final note on Lebron. When he first came into the league I loved his game, mostly for the passing. Since his rookie year though he has impressed me less and less. He still has an amazing passing ability, but it seems he only uses it when he is sure it will result in a highlight play. This is his major weakness in his game. With the Cavs, when he has the ball he either heaves up a fall away jumped from 20 feet or does something that is guaranteed to be on Sportscenter, like a drive or a spectacular pass. The problem lies in that he never just lets the game come to him, he is never part of the offense; and for the Cavs that’s okay. For this tournament though, with these great players around him it is really him, not Kobe, who will need to change his game.

– I feel this team needs one more role player…maybe Luke Walton?

(just kidding)


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