I am not a morning person

A few facts about jet lag that I looked here up while sitting awake in my hotel room at 4 a.m.:

Symptoms may include:

  • Disturbed sleep patterns; feeling sleepy during the day, but not able to sleep at night;
  • Disrupted digestion and bowel habits;
  • Feeling disorientated and/or clumsy;
  • Loss of appetite;
  • Fatigue;
  • Lack of concentration/feeling less alert;
  • Memory problems;
  • Cold or flu-like symptoms;
  • Feeling weak and light-headed; and
  • Lack of energy.

It takes about one day to recover for each time zone you cross and can take up to a week to fully adjust. You can also suffer jet lag on the return journey, but to a different degree depending on the direction of travel.

I traveled over 14 time zones, so according to this I have 14 days to get back to normal for this area. This does not excite me…I hope I have a chance to get out and go out soon so I can use my patented drink and pass out method of recovery.

Later in the article it also mentions that to help avoid jet lag you should not drink on the plane (oops), and that you should not nap during the day (oops again). My original plan for avoiding jet lag…drink on the plane til I am at that special point where I can either get rowdy or fall asleep worked up until I got to that point too quickly, fell asleep, and woke up with 7 hours left on the flight with a killer hangover and stuck between two sleeping people on either side of me acting as obstacles to get up and go to the bathroom to vomit…great.


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  1. V

    Thanks for informing us of your abnormal bowel habbits P… and sign up for fantasy football

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