Hana Shigan at the “Natural Herb Gaming Zone”

Seoul is the most wired city in the world, and I have to walk 20 minutes, to the “Natural Herb Gaming Zone (I did not make that name up)” for reliable internet access.

The sounds of guns blasting, blood spurting and the cheers of digital warriors come at me from all directions as they catch my eardrums in a cross fire. I can not wait til I get my own internet.

My co-teacher assures me that I will have internet soon. I am not sure what soon means, hopefully it means tomorrow. The lack of a cell phone, cable and internet has almost been a blessing in disguise though as it has forced me to venture out of my apartment on a regular basis. This gives me a chance to practice the little Korean I know as well as learn the layout of my neighborhood.

A few things I have learned to far:

– Travellers checks are basically useless. I might as well have 600 dollars worth of toilet paper on me.

Seoul is a very homogenous city. So much so that statistics don’t even list different ethnic groups beyond the presence of 20,000 Chinese and 29,000 American soldiers. In a city of over 10 million let’s just say I stand out.

– Nobody wants to let me practice my Korean with them. They all want to practice their Eng(r)lish with me.

– Best quote so far:

A school office worker when talking about the quality of SHEETS of paper they had: “We do have some clean shits at this school…but mostly we just have dirty shits.”

After eating the food here for a week an a half, I’m not surprised. Luckily I have 600 dollars worth of toilet paper to help with that

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