My Burgeoning Obsession with Korean MTV

Earlier this week I got cable television. In my attempt to learn to speak Korean I usually leave the tv on in hopes that it may somehow speed up the learning process. So far it hasn’t. I have, however, discovered the brilliance that is Korean version of MTV.

I can not even begin to adequately describe the music videos so instead I’ll just post some videos and add some brief thoughts:
(Also, I should let you know I have no idea what the plots to these videos are at all. I find it’s best to make it up yourself.)

This is the first video I couldn’t stop thinking about. Not only do I see the video once an hour, but when I went out this past weekend I heard this song no less than 7 times. Please, try to get the chorus out of your head…a drill might help

Lets just say roller blades, grocery stores and gruesome murders…these seem to be recurring themes in Korean videos. (I’M SO SORRY BUT I LOVE YOU…something…mumble…something…and repeat)

Theres nothing overtly special about this video except for well, everything. I feel that somehow Mike Vick was involved with this video. There’s something about dancing with wolf scarves around your neck that makes me tickle inside. Also the implications of breaking out of prison to have an all male dance party in the prison yard are pretty entertaining.

I had to watch this video 3 times before I realized that there was more than just one girl in the group…whatever, I guess this is their version of the Pussy Cat Dolls. Only if the Pussy Cat Dolls were all 17, Asian and instead of being professional ho’s they did things like work in coffee shops and fly airplanes…I guess they’re actually nothing like the Pussy Cat Dolls.
(side note, every time I wrote the name Pussy Cat Dolls in the last paragraph I accidentally wrote Pussy Cat DOLLARS before correcting it, including when I wrote the name in parentheses…I thought you might like to know)

This one I can’t really speak about…before you watch this one do yourself a favor and make sure all of that children’s tylenol is out of your system. Or maybe not…I guess you decide…but I warned you.
The only thing this video is missing is a cameo from FLAVA FLAAAAAAAAV

I’ve been watching this channel all day and I feel a wave of existential zen creeping over my body…very lucid.
Or maybe it’s just all that children’s tylenol?

(I’M SO SORRY BUT I LOVE YOU…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)



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3 responses to “My Burgeoning Obsession with Korean MTV

  1. Holli

    hey can you tell me how to get korean mtv?? is it mtvK or mtv Korea? i really want to watch, also in an attempt to learn korean faster =P please email me back!

  2. Hola :)\ just passed by consedince while searching for a song in some blogs 🙂 anyway nice blog gotta check it out hope you accept me as a follower and a friend blogger. thanks ^^

  3. AFAIC th’tas the best answer so far!

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