Britney…nuff said

Even halfway around the world this is hilarious. You have to think that MTV knew this would bomb from the beginning…as much as I hate them they really have the whole “intentional, unintentional comedy” thing down. The thing I like most is the camera shots of celebrities in the audience, especially 50’s. He has the look of someone very grateful to have been given a giftbag to be there…and then realizing that it contains an hour long DVD of bonus Britney rehearsal bloopers.

Also, at the very end, there are two more celebrity shots…is one of them Mugsy Bogues?

To think, this used to be the hottest girl on the planet

I’ll post this video for nostalgic purposes…but really, can we even watch it the same way anymore? (on a side note, i realize any artistic credibility this blog may have had is quickly going the way of Gred Oden’s career…sue me)

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  1. Dave

    Don’t feel so bad P, this blog never had any artistic credibility. Good to see the Korean girls are treating you well though, it seems you made a good decision….

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