Just some random thoughts:

I’ve legitimately wondered this. With the male domination of women in this society here in Seoul, would it be socially acceptable for me to beat up some guy who was walking with a girl, and steal his girl? Would the girl be forced to come with me?

Additionally, if the guy who I beat up burst into my apartment later in the night to beat me up and steal back his girl, would he have to take his shoes off before entering my apartment?

Speaking of apartments. Nobody here refers to apartments as apartments; they refer to them as houses. For someone trying to learn the basic language, this is incredibly confusing for me. Apparently I do not live in a studio apartment…I live in a one room house.

Slices of bread are thicker here, and pizza is cooked with kernels of corn. Grapes taste amazing, but have seeds, and you aren’t supposed to eat the peeling.

Nobody can walk in a straight line here. I find myself constantly being blocked on a sidewalk by an old woman walking in curved fish pattern, girls texting on cell phones, or guys playing PSP.


Word Association Test: Match each statement to a letter below.

1. Legs are to Korean people what _____ are to Americans.

2. Small waists are to Koreans what _______are to Americans.

3. The chest is to Koreans what ________ are to Americans.

4. The ass is to Koreans what ________ is to Americans.

A. Legs

B. Dr. Pepper

C. Breasts

D. Hands


(Answer key: 1-C, 2-A, 3-D, 4-B)


There are no trash cans anywhere on the street. Koreans think it makes their street look dirty. Instead, they just pile bags of trash and other assorted garbage around telephone poles and the corners of walls…I think I’ve missed some key element to this line of thinking.

I really wish I had a couch.

If you really want to compliment a Korean girl here tell them they have a small face. This implies that they have large eyes/nose/mouth. I am not joking.

It seems like every single girl here does the Peace sign when they have a picture taken of them. Somewhere Sarah Michelle Gellar is making out with a woman and doing blow out of a cross necklace.

The Mullet is still cool here.


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