More Korean MTV!!!

Here is another Music Video update. I have this weird addiction to terrible pop music, and here it is only amplified by the lack of new music I can listen to and the fact that some of these songs actually contain English lyrics. Sorry, these are just too much for me to ignore. Hope you enjoy.

Also, if you find yourself watching the dancing and thinking to yourself “Wow, this dancing really kind of sucks.” You are not alone.

The Wonder Girls – Tell me

The plot of this video? An underage and Asian Wonder Woman saves four girls from bullys, boys and naked men in trench coats. In the process she turns the four girls into drooling lesbians (maybe I’m off on that last assumption). Also, these girls look rather young to me, but I see girls like this everyday who turn out to be 30 year old mothers of 2. This is confusing.

Super Junior – Don’t Don <———I did not misspell the 2nd Don’t, it really is called “Don’t Don”

This is the super boy band group. I guess this group is like what would have happened if N’Sync and the Backstreet Boys formed together and then were managed by Puff Daddy. Also, I think I hear some Linkin Park in there somewhere. Themes of this video include: big fire balls; running from ominous lights; black leather clothing with sequins; and dyed haircuts…and oh yeah NO GIRLS!

This is a recurring theme with many music videos. Also, skip ahead to the 2 minute mark to see the hardest core violin solo you have ever seen.

Minwoo – The M Style

This guy was on my first MTV video post with the prison dance scene. But unlike the last video I actually kind of like this song, and the girl in it is kind of hot. I guess he’s like the Justin Timberlake over here. And since I have nothing else, Yes I am referring to pretty much all of these artists by who they remind me of back home in America…do not expect me to stop doing this.

WheeSung 5 – Love is Delicious

The song sucks, the name sucks, the dancing sucks…but there is a moment of transcendental bliss around the 2:40 mark when he starts to beat box. Everything is really just working up to that point.

Stony Skunk – Ragamuffin

I actually kind of like this guy. It’s a Korean Reggae singer…kind of Damien Marleyish (this isn’t really the song I like of his, but I can’t find it on Youtube).

Piranha – The Grace

The Korean Britney Spears…with bad dancing included. This video does contain the hottest girls so far, though.

Brown Eyed Girls – Deceived

Another song I actually kind of like. The base line is kind of addicting to me. Also a CULTURAL TIDBIT: around the 1:00 minute mark, when the girl and guy do a shot, the girl should have looked away from the guy when doing the shot. It’s a sign of respect…perhaps it was her way of claiming her independence.

There is one more video I want to share with you, but right now it’s just too much. It really deserves it’s own post.

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