I can get drunk and offend people in any culture…

I’ve been slapped on several occasions, blatantly shot down by numerous girls and told to fuck off more times than I could possibly count. When I drink, I am definitely the charmer.

I was moving through 3 text message conversations at once, attempting to secure my plans for the night. Most of my friends live within a mile or so of each other and can make plans on a whim. I live at least an hour sub ride from everything worth doing.

So when I finally showed up at the restaurant/bar for my friend’s birthday they had already been drinking for over an hour. The place we went is cool because for 25,000 won you can have all you can eat and drink. When I say all you can eat or drink I am not kidding. Liquor, bottles of wine, soju, beer, sushi, steak…if it’s something that might possibly be eaten or drank in South Korea you can have it here.

I had just eaten a light dinner so I was not hungry, but I decided to get my 25,000 won worth of drinking in. The girl I brought with me and I decided to split a couple bottles of wine. While she stuck with wine I decided to also grab a rum and coke to chase, and a bottle of soju for birthday toasts.

Since we were late we ended up sitting towards the end of the table. I spoke with Mike about soccer while Peter tried to flirt with the girl I brought, Rachel. The night was moving along fine and around 10:30 one of the wait staff came in and told us that we needed to leave. I am not sure if we were asked to leave because we were being too loud or because we were drinking them out of business or if they were simply closing…but we left.

Rachel, freed from the seat next to Peter grabbed my arm as we walked. We ended up walking into a bar called Bar 1. It was dimly lit and not very crowded. Our party was sat immediately and a round of drinks was ordered. Someone tried to make a toast but failed miserably when his mouth could not form the words that were running through his head. Rachel leaned over to me and kissed me on the cheek. I looked at her. She whispered that I might be only be the 3rd most attractive guy at the table but she still liked me the most. She was probably right, but I didn’t care. The girl leaning on my arm should not be telling me she is attracted to other guys even if she does like me more.

“You’re kidding…have you seen that guys teeth? Totally fucked,” I said. “There’s no way he’s more attractive than me.”

Sometimes when I drink, I talk to loud.

“Fuck you!” he yelled. The words hit me the same time as all the eyes at the table.

This was not what I needed tonight and I am not one to apologize. The night had taken a turn, and I had been marked. Rachel grabbed me by my neck and pulled my ear close to her mouth.

“You should not have said that.”
God damn

Eventually we left Bar 1 and went down the street to a club called GoGo’s so that we could find some girls. I already had mine, Rachel, I spent my time buying her drinks and keeping her laughing.

Most of the guys in our group had circulated to the dance floor and had cornered a group of shy girls in the corner. My friends were doing most of the talking and outnumbered the girls 2 to 1. I took a glance over at them and the guy whose teeth I had insulted turned away just as I looked. Mike gave me a nod and went back to circling the girls.
“Why don’t you go talk to your friends,” Rachel asked me.

Although I rather would have stayed and talked to Rachel, what my mind tells me when I hear a statement like that is “leave me alone for a while.” So I obliged and I left and added on more guy to the group that was already suffocating this group of increasingly terrified looking Korean girls. Like I would help.

On the way to the group though, I noticed a group of friends I had not previously seen. Some girls I had met earlier that month were sitting at the bar and I stopped to talk to them. I forget specifically what we talked about, but I do remember one of them asking me after 20 minutes or so if Rachel was ok sitting by herself.
I glanced over. Her eyes were like darts, puncturing my eye balls.

“Yah, she’s fine…she told me to talk to my friends.”
I bought a round of shots and we continued to talk. A few minutes later I glanced over to see Rachel gone.
“Where did she go?” I asked.
“She left.”
“What? No, she didn’t.”

She did. Three attempts at calling her phone and she finally picked up, in tears.

“Why did you leave me to talk to other girls,” she cried.

Apparently, when I was supposed to talk to other friends it meant talking to other guys, or at the very least taking her to introduce her to the girls I was talking to. By leaving her alone I was telling her I was done talking to her for the night and she should leave, even though she was the one who told me to talk to other people.

The cultural differences between Rachel and I seem to creep up at the most unpredictable of moments. One of us is joking, when the other is not. One of us wants to spend some time by them self and the other feels like they are being left behind. Although we have a pretty good understanding of one another, this understanding exists only because of our shared knowledge that we don’t really understand each other at all.

So, I guess you could say that I was kind of a jerk that night, but really, I wouldn’t. I’d just say I was drunk.



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4 responses to “I can get drunk and offend people in any culture…

  1. V

    This was the best blog entry yet

  2. I’m your number one witness to the above.

    …Which is why you better be grateful for your sorry ass that I smile and push you while you slur your way back into the crowd.

    Much love,

  3. quiergirm


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    Welcome please: pills-prices.blogspot.com


    Welcome please: payday-d-loans.blogspot.com


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