The Crab Petty it Wins

This is another video from the “Wonder Girls,” who I included in my last big MTV entry (they had the video with the girl dressed up like Wonder Woman, first one at the top). Anyways, there’s nothing particularly interesting about this video, but I’m posting it for the following reasons.

1. I have a new obsession with my blog stats, and I get at least ten hits a day just based off the tags “Wonder Girls” and “Super Junior,” and this video is probably good for a traffic boost. (I feel kind of cheep doing this…next thing you know I’ll be tagging all my posts with the words “Napoleon dynamite,” “Lebron James,” “Jessica Alba,” and “barely legal 18.” Don’t worry, I’ll redeem myself by the end of this post…I promise.)

2. Today I was teaching my kids the word “singing,” and to demonstrate I sang the chorus of the other “Wonder Girls” song “Tell Me,” and my students all freaked out.

3. Korean pop songs many times include some English lyrics…how weird would it be if this happened the other way around, in America. I know that sometimes we use Spanish lyrics in songs, but that is usually reserved for songs by Spanish artists…also Mexico is right next to us…not a 14 hour plan ride.

4. I have a second new obsession, and that is running the lyrics to Korean pop songs through the Google translator and seeing what pops out. They are usually pretty good for a laugh and about 20 minutes or so of entertainment. And since I wouldn’t be a very good person to keep these gems of literary prowess from my faithful readers, I Present for the very first time the lyrics to the first verse and chorus (the entire thing would be much too long) of the song “Irony” by the Wonder Girls (as interpreted by Google).

Repeatedly initially,
like this sentiment to do an Iran end too much plentifully does and initially,
end to above
the difficulty to do with the different women
it is different
the crab petty it wins,

Only the child where I know
anyone meaning there
were not those women of the chart some noted person place and above the crab
the company about they crawled during that time
to do the end which is what it sleeps
degree solid color is not worthless

South it sleeps and and to believe that it does not become,
it says and your bay it is different,
that case what it talks
Oh! the irony end did not become (X3)
about the end truth where also the end does not become it slept
and only twiddle it did
or the bay grade case what it thinks different
Oh! (irony) the end does not become and (X3)
the end truth where also the end does not become

“were not those women of the chart some noted person place and above the crab”

Didn’t I tell you I would redeem myself by the end

I really can’t top that. So I’ll just post the video…enjoy kids.


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