Big Boi Likes Korean Music Also

I was washing some dishes today with the television turned to MTV in the background. Suddenly a voice I recognized hit my ears. I turned and it was no other then Big Boi from the grout Outkast. He was making a cameo in some random Korean girl’s video. Basically he walks on stage for the first 30 seconds, says something then comes back on for the last 30 seconds and says something…all in all pretty entertaining.

UPDATE: I was curious what Big Boi was doing on my Korean MTV, so I looked some stuff up. So heres some more information about why Big Boi is in this video. The singers name is Lim Jeong-hee, Outkast worked with her on her last album.

– Heres a press release from the Korea Times announcing the two working together. Apparently there were other groups interested in working with her, including the Neptunes.

– Heres the myspace page of the Lim Jeong-Hee


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