Links and Some Random Thoughts…and a video

Been a few days since my last post and the way things are going it will probably be until Wednesday or Thursday before I can get anything substantial up. I was planning on doing some today, but then got caught up in last second lesson planning. Although I will expand up on this in future posts, lets just say there are a few things I disagree with regarding the public school system here in Seoul. I really question if many things that go on here would fly back in America…but I need some moments to accumulate my thoughts on the subject before I let myself talk about it too much.

Anyways, had a great weekend…and until I get some energy to write more here are some random links, videos, and thoughts that I’ve been sitting on for just a day like this.

– A quick follow up to my random thoughts post that mentioned the trash situation. Earlier I was told that there were few trash cans because the thought was that they made the city look dirty…apparently this is wrong. I asked some friends who have lived here for a while about it and they told me that a few years ago a bomb was found stashed in a trash can. In perhaps the most reactionary policy I can imagine, the government drastically limited the amount of trash cans. Although, this makes a little more sense than the trash making things look dirty theory (governments are at their core, a reactionary entity), it is just barely less stupid. So bombs couldn’t be hidden in the trash bags that now line the street? Or perhaps one of the billions of other small, unnoticed corners that exist all over Seoul? I have yet to find any newspaper articles backing this claim up so I can’t be sure, but I also have no reason to not believe the people who told me.

– There was a huge fireworks festival this past weekend. It was pretty sweet, it seemed like everybody in the city was there. There were 3 shows that followed one another. The first were Japanese fireworks, the second American, and the third Korean. What are the differences you ask? Nothing. The only difference was in the amount of fireworks each country provided. America, never a stranger to overdoing things definitely had the most and biggest fireworks. (the article says people were showing up 2 hours before the festival started, but I got there 2 hours before it started and it was already packed by people who had been there since noon)

– Why no Chinese fireworks? Weren’t they the original creators of gun powder and therefore fireworks? I’ll leave that answer up to Rachel who told me when I asked the same question “Yes, they did invent them first, but now they (the Chinese) are poor.” I think she meant the quality of fireworks is poor but I didn’t feel like questioning her.

– Chocolate Milk tastes delicious when it comes out of the miniature cartons of milk. However, when I used the mix to make chocolate milk it just ends up tasting like 4 Grain Cheerios…not joking…not happy about this

– Speaking of Milk, all my students were allowed to pick English (pronounced: In-guh-li-shi) names before I got to the school. My favorite name choice is a student named Milk. My second favorite? ABC

– My refrigerator makes really loud noises at night, I’m not sure why, but it’s very disconcerting.

I am currently obsessed with this song. It’s catchy as hell, plus there’s an amazing point around the 3:25 mark (as it counts down, 1:05 as it counts up), that I will not spoil for you, just listen closely…trust me, it’s worth it, reasons like these are why I enjoy watching so much Korean MTV. Also again, notice shitty dancing. This really bothers me when I go out to clubs and try to dance with girls.

(also notice, people sleeping in clubs…this actually does happen…in a city where the subs stop running from midnight to 6 a.m. and cabs consistently cost upwards of 20,000 won, this is a necessity…in fact I have done this…it actually doesn’t suck as much as you’d think)

Past that I really got nothing for you guys. I promise I got some bigger posts coming with all of the hard hitting news, whimsical debauchery and MTV shenanigans that you can handle.

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