I only dance when I drink

So the c-walk has been dead/uncool since about 2003 or 2004 depending on who you ask (or maybe it’s just me who thinks this). If you want to know what that dance is, it was this video that taught me how to do it. I spent my entire freshman year of college perfecting this ghetto ritual that was known then as the Crip Walk, for the L.A. street gang. I’m not sure why the dance is named after them. Maybe they invented it as a pre-cursor to the “You Got Served” epidemic. I don’t know, I don’t care. All I know is that I thought the dance was sweet. I still do, but I also think the dance should be retired now that every white kids with some adidas shoes thinks they can do it…most of them can’t.

Anyway, I usually do not do the dance anymore except when incorporating it slightly into my normal dancing routine, or for when I get particularly blitzed.

The great thing about South Korea is that any sort of dancing associated with Hip Hop is considered cool. As I’ve joked about before, dancing and rhythm are not an ingrained social norm here. Their top choreographed dancing looks like a bunch of drunk frat boys trying to do the dance from N’Sync’s “Bye Bye Bye.”

The other night I went to a classical concert and at the end, as a special treat they brought out some break dancers to dance along with the orchestra. During this demonstration the only thing I could think of was this one short Asian kid who, back in high school, used to pull off moves ten times better in the hallways between class while wearing his book bag.

I do have to give credit though, you would hardly ever seen break dancers perform with a full, traditional orchestra back in the states; South Korea seems to give hip hop a bit more respect than the United States where it has become the proverbial “Sad Clown of Music,” (as quoted by J-Live). They even referred to break dancers in their pure, pre-media name…B-Boys.

And that’s the thing, the culture here gives Hip Hop tons of respect, but they just aren’t that good at it for the most part. I chalk it up to the newness of the art form. Give them a few years and they will be right with it.

Because of this respect given to anything and everything Hip Hop it appears the C-Walk is still very much popular here. And so it was that I was able to walk (normally) into the middle of a group of Korean hipsters, challenge them all to a dance off, and win.

Yes, I served up something fierce to about 6 Korean guys at the bar the other night. After a minute or so of C-Walking all over there ass they decided to choose their best to face me. A battle for the ages ensued. He took the early lead when a Super Junior track came on which definitely allowed him to pop and lock his way to some mutual respect. But then it happened, as if the gods looked down and chose the next song themselves (because god is a dj)

…but what do I hear? Can it be? No, it can’t?

Holy crap…the song is “Walk it Out.” And biznitch please…it wasn’t ten minutes later that I C-Walked my way to the win and a reward of free tequila shots and an ice cold, imported, Bud Light. Those Korean guys definitely knew how to treat their over seas conquerors.

Little else of the night is really remembered by me. There is a video I have seen that shows me C-Walking it out on the dance floor, and some girl in the background giving me mad props. I wanted to post it but it’s not the right format/I’m an idiot. If I ever figure it out I’ll put it up.

In the meantime you’ll just have to enjoy this clip of penguins dancing.

Many crazy word props to Emily for making me think of this post, and for Marina for taking the video that I have yet to figure out how to post on WordPress.


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