Tracking the Internet Landscape: Follow Up

A little over a week ago I wrote a post that simply wondered how my sites traffic would increase if I created posts with a random assortment of unnecessary tags. Tags are used by search engines to pinpoint what posts might be relevant to the searchers search. When someone comes to my site based off one of these tags I have blog statistics that tell me what the search was for.

To see some of the tags I added to the post I linked to it above. Some of the tags though, included “olsen twins sex scandal,” “justin timberlake,” and “burma.”

Here is the first edition of who viewed this post, based off what tags. Also, keep in mind the views listed for this post are just for those where the viewer clicked specifically on the link (title) for that post, it doesn’t make mention when someone checked the post when visiting the site as a whole.

Total Views: 29

Views for:

Wonder Girls: 12

Super Junior: 12

High School Musical: 2

Jessica Alba: 1

Barely Legal 18: 1

Olsen Twins Sex Scandal: 1

Surprisingly no one went for Jihad, or Burma. Oh, well.

Other interesting notes: The one hit for Barely Legal 18 came from, England’s version of google. I have also been getting a strange number of hits lately for the search term “Mike Miller,” 13 in the past 2 days. I mentioned him briefly in one of my first posts and I’m surprised to get so much traffic based off his name, especially since Lebron James has gotten absolutely no hits.

One other thing I find kind of interesting is that in one of my MTV posts I made a joke about “drooling lesbians.” That got two search term hits yesterday.



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2 responses to “Tracking the Internet Landscape: Follow Up

  1. I need to keep up with your work
    Great Job

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