Mike Miller…Seriously?

About a week ago I did a run down of what search hits brought people to this blog. At the time I began to notice a large number of search hits coming in for the basketball player, Mike Miller, of the Memphis Grizzlies. This seemed odd to me. Although Mike Miller is a fairly decent basketball player, even good enough to make the Team USA squad last year, he is hardly famous. I find this even more odd considering that I mentioned Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Carmelo Anthony and other much more famous basketball players in this same post.

So why Mike Miller?

Because of this


This lone picture, that I didn’t even directly post on the site, but just a link to has brought in over 50 hits in just the past week alone. Amazing.

Anyways, even more amazing is his hair. I made a crack about it then, and I would love to now. But instead I’ll just ask for someone, anyone to find me a recent picture of Robert Swift. I have heard amazing things about his new hairstyle and would love to see it.

Other then that, not much. In the honor of Mike Miller though here are more pictures of him that will hopefully bring wide acclaim to this little piece of the internet…Mike Miller is so hot right now.

This is Mike Miller

This is Mike Miller

This is Mike Miller with breasts.

This is also Mike Miller

This is Mike Miller with a bird?

And this is Lebron James…otherwise known as TRAFFIC


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