The Mid-Night Ninja Soccer Club

“There’s a baseball diamond down the street where I coach little league. We go there at 2:30 in the morning, dressed all in black. Your hair in a black stalking. And then we have us a knife fight.” – Vivica Fox from Kill Bill, paraphrased from my amazing memory and youtube.

I always wondered how they would go about the knife fight in the pitch black. I suppose that there would be stars and the moon to provide some sort of light. And since they are ninjas, anything, any light, any tremor could alert them to their enemies whereabouts and movements. Or maybe not. Maybe they would just flail around blindly, till one of them struck the other. I guess we will never know since we never saw this fight. The logistical nightmares of filming two ninjas at night dressed all in black where too much for even Tarantino to tackle and he decided to end the two’s blood feud with proper, day time lighting.


They are outside now. It is black out, save a few, dim light posts that are left on at the tennis courts across the street from where they play, and the light coming from my apartment window. They do not have the luxury of stars or the moon or Hollywood lighting. The light coming from Seoul has thoroughly beaten back any light sent to Earth by those spaced invaders. The only place in Seoul where the lights have been turned off are at this soccer field, next to the building where I live.

I could hardly tell that they are out there except for the occasional glimpse of the ball, as it passes through the wandered light from the distant lamp posts. The grunts of men rushing past each other. The sound of foot to ball to head to net and then the cheers. The cheers of those who are adept enough at night time sports to know exactly where the ball is at all times.

The ball hits the ground and the man across the field can feel it’s bounce. He feels the footsteps of the opposing players circle to the opposite side of him, towards his goal. He knows that a break away is at hand. He moves accordingly, checking his man. He hears the ball kicked and volleyed, and for a brief second the sound of the ball is lost to the night and only his instincts can find it.

Are they vampires? Are they blind? Do they have jobs that keep them away from sports all day long? Are they allergic to the sun?

Who knows? Who cares?

They are the Mid-Night Ninja Soccer Club, and that is enough.

When I was younger, I played basketball day after day. I played till it became dim, but when it became dark…I quit.

I guess I didn’t have what it took to become a Mid-Night Ninja Basketball Player.


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  1. It’s good to get a fresh way of lokiong at it.

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