Soulja Dance, Soju Dance, and Dancing Sojus: A Study in Video

One of the first, and most often verbs taught here in the Seoul English Program is that of dancing. I’ve used videos, pictures, charades, stories and my own personal acting to teach this verb. Without fail, each class we talk about dancing one student makes mention of the “Soju Dance.” Until recently I have thought that they were talking about the “Soulja Dance.”

The “Soulja Dance” is apparently popular in the United States right now, and probably in other places as well. Thankfully I have missed this craze. The “Soulja Dance” can be seen below in this video.

ok, maybe you should watch that a second time. Maybe it’s because I’m on the opposite side of the planet, but this seriously seems like the stupidest dance ever. I’ll even go so far as to say that if you like this song or dance I probably hate you.

Moving on.

I thought this was the dance my kids were talking about until they demonstrated it for me. Turns out it’s not the “Soulja Dance” but instead the “Soju Dance,” named after the dance that drunk Korean people do after they drink too much Soju. It is the perfect dance for this country. It involves no rhythm whatsoever. It simply involves thrusting your pelvis forward at rapid speeds while flapping your arms like a bird. All my students know this dance, even the third graders. This leads me to believe that they will all some day become alcoholics, if they aren’t already. Drinking = Culture.

Anyways, this was the best video I could find of the “Soju Dance,” if I find a better one I will let you know.

That is the “Soju Dance,” pretty simple. In actuality however, the term “Soju Dance” can refer to any sort of drunk dancing after drinking too much soju. Here is my favorite.

So that is the basic soju dance. This is, of course, not to be confused with Dancing Sojus. Seen below.

And if that wasn’t enough, here are more Dancing Sojus

Sometimes this country makes me so happy 🙂

And so that was my analysis of the “Soulja Dance” the “Soju Dance” and Dancing Sojus.

And just to let you know that I’m an equal opportunity idiot let’s go out with a video I promised many posts ago. Here is me Walking it out, drunk on soju…

My own Soju Dance…Thanks again Marina…

(I’m the guy in the gray shirt and blue hat)


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2 responses to “Soulja Dance, Soju Dance, and Dancing Sojus: A Study in Video

  1. jeny b.

    sooo there appears to be a little c-walking in your soju dance…very nicely done.
    p.s. the soulja boy…yeah. overrated.

  2. Good to see you alive and in action!

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