5,7,5…because I knew you’d ask

In honor of its Buddhist heritage

Here are my observations of Seoul in Haiku

hopefully they can be as good as this


Soju one dollar

Jacket pocket carries ten

cigarettes cost two


feeling very tall

others around appear short

such big nose I have


Garbage litters street

trash circumvents street light post

the ol’ reach around


red lights and whistles

cars buses bikes for me don’t stop

move tall white man…move


motorcycles fast

on sidewalks safety not found

sidewalks are short cuts


apartment one room

bathroom faces television

C.S.I and dook


“hi, nice to meet you”

Students say everyday

met ten times before


please don’t speak so fast

sorry I don’t understand

I know like 5 words


Golden archways loom

hamburger none discover

bulgogi? the hell?


eat no chalupa

taco bell behind closed doors

only serves G.I’s


Pass out in subways

foreign initiation

awoke, people stare


take indirect path

I know you know what I say

cab drivers screw you


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One response to “5,7,5…because I knew you’d ask

  1. erin

    these are fantastic. please write a book.

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