Kwangju Massacres: A Video Follow Up

A couple weeks ago I wrote a post about the Kwangu massacres of South Korea in the 1980’s. Recently I was looking around in youtube and came across a couple videos regarding the tragedy and thought I would share with you.

Here are various news bulletins about the massacre from various American media sources.

Here is part 1 of a 3 part series documenting the massacres. At first the music makes it seem a bit cheesy, til you realize that this is all live footage of rallys and the governments violent suppression. It reminds me watching video of police reacting to the African American demonstrations on Birmingham in the 60’s.

Here is part 2 of the series. No music, and actually around the 2 minute mark it breaks into English. Also, we get to see tanks.

Here is part 3.

If you thought that all seemed kind of like a movie, well so did the South Korean entertainment industry. Here’s a clip of a movie that recently came out about the massacres.

It’s amazing to think that this all occurred less than 30 years ago. Up till then South Korea was not even close to the democracy it is today. I have to admit that I am fairly impressed with the strides the country has made (I attribute this greatly to the investment the country has made in education).
It would be blindness on my part however if I pretended that it was all perfect. The country champions wealth and beauty among all else and caters to it’s upper social classes. Granted everybody is given a decent chance with education, but if you do not do well during your early years and do not come from a wealthy family then you are pretty much stuck in the same place the rest of your life. Second chances on life are not freely given.

It has only been 30 years, and the country still has a long way to go. But then again, what country doesn’t?


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  1. syd

    Fascinating post. I don’t know as much about your country’s history as I’d like. Trying to correct that now. 🙂

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