Michael Myers Wrote a Song and it Just Won’t Die

A crowded market place in Seoul. Shops on either side, motorcycles weaving between pedestrians and cars simply forcing them to move. People yell discounts over and over for hours at a time, a few lucky ones get a microphone. Babies cry, people eat in the streets and above all this you hear music. Shops have a tendency to all play the same music at the same time. I’m not sure if it’s planned or if they are all just listening to the same radio station by coincidence. But either way, it makes for a pretty cool soundtrack as you walk down the streets.



Until recently.

I’ve linked to this video before in my 2nd MTV post, almost two months ago now. At that point this song was all over the Korean MTV channels. Then for a while I didn’t hear it. But suddenly, in the past month, I can’t even recycle improperly without hearing this song.

Yes, it’s Wonder Girls – “Tell Me” and I am here to provide you with everything you will ever need to know about this song.

if you forgot what the video is like…well…here you go…

wasn’t that fun

Anyways, this song has swept the nation. If you are in the fifth grade and in Korea at this moment this is your Chumbawumba “Tubthumping.”

In the past 24 hours alone I have listened to not 1, not 2 but 3 variations of the lyrics made up by students. I have been taught and forgotten the actual words. I have been taught and kind of remember the dance. Students in 4 separate classes tried to fit this song into today’s lesson and I have basically given up asking if anybody would like to “tell me” the answer to a question…it never turns out well.

If that all was not enough, at the end of one class we had 5 extra minutes to kill.  Some of the girls begged me to let them play the song and do the dance. I had just downed half a bottle of Nyquil and it was the last class of the day so I decided to let them. On the condition that I can record it.

So yah, obviously there is no sound on that but just believe me when I tell you that they were in perfect time to the song. For the full effect try syncing up the two videos on this post…just make sure you roll a fat doberst first…


Some general reactions to this song so far (all from people above the age of 12 and totally paraphrased from memory)

Stephen – It reminds me of cheerleaders in middle school.

Justin – I think they’re hot and it makes me feel bad, but also kind of good

Emily – If I hear that song one more time I will shoot myself

Rachel – It reminds me of little kid music. Very Japanese.

I thought the very Japanese comment was a little off since I thought it was the most quintessential Korean thing I had seen. Especially when the girl waves at the camera. Rachel however is the only comment I have from a Korean person, so I guess that probably makes her opinion the most valid.

Anyways, here’s the Babel Fish translation to the lyrics for “Tell Me”

“You day it likes and it decreases

not to know to be good

to be good only dream

it is same possibly and and too much

or it pinches it sees,

inside oneself repeatedly and and and.

I Will not like day too much and well maybe to see alone how many

Ae Tae Oon Ji it did not know and ni loved day

but U is distant but one time

it talks again and it sees,

The Tell the me, tell me and tell tell tell tell tell tell me

it will carry and that it loves, day it waited and

Tell me, tell me and tell tell tell tell tell tell me

I am necessary to talk and it came,

the Tell me to talk, tell me and tell tell tell tell tell tell me

it wants listening to repeatedly, continuously it puts out and it talks and it gives and and

Tell me and tell me,

to talk it talks and and and the tell tell tell tell tell tell me dream knows,

I always love those.

Well, to finish off, since I know you can’t get enough of this song and are probably tearing your hair out now trying to figure out the intricacies of the dance steps here are a few links to get you started.

A sketch of the dance…with circle figures…not quite stick figures, but still pretty cool

And the Wonder Girls themselves teach you. The one wearing white, standing in the back looks cold, someone get her a jacket.

What more could you want?


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