Things to Entertain You…

Introducing “Things to Entertain you.” This is going to be my daily format for sharing random cultural thoughts, pictures and basically anything I want to in an easy to digest and read format. Expect to be updated Monday-Thursday, and probably once on the weekend. Also, see if you can spot the Arrested Development quote.

Something for you to read:

Once upon a time I believed I could come into this country and within 3 weeks all the students would be speaking perfect conversation English. I would then be able to move onto the complete works of Dostoevsky.

Of course, none of the students even know how to respond to the question “how are you,” without my prompting them a variety of responses. Are you Good? (as I hold my thumb up) Are you Bad? (thumb down) Are you So So, hungry, sleepy, bored, excited, etc? The students usually say either yes or not to these options.

So you can imagine how sad I am when I encounter one of them outside of school and ask “how are you?” Only to have them stare at me like I just asked them to explain to me the Socio-Political ramifications of the Kurdish Minority in Iraq.

Someday they will encounter an English speaker who won’t give them 10 different feelings to choose from when they ask “how are you.”

damn it…just say “I’m fine,” and don’t talk about your feelings honestly. Now that’s a cultural lesson!

Visual Stimulation:


Yesterday, I was walking in a place I have never been before when something caught my eye. A 7-11! Thoughts of Slurpees sloshed their way out of the proverbial Slurpee dispenser of my mind and onto my tongue. Then the store clerk asked me to stop drooling on her shoes.

It wasn’t a problem. I know enough Korean by now to ask if they have Slurpees and when she showed me a bag of ice cream it took all my energy not to punch her in the face and then ransack the 7-11. So instead I just punched her in the ear and stole the bag of ice cream…who the hell can work at a 7-11 without Slurpees?


Score one for the Red, White and Blue!

Piece of Pop Culture that I Really Miss Today:

How Americans don’t look over your shoulder when your updating your facebook. But at least that’s not as bad as when I’m screwing around online, only to realize that the TV hooked up to my computer is on and that the whole classroom can see what I’m doing.

Piece of Pop Culture that I’m really Diggin on Today:

I’m allowed to update my facebook at work.

Todays English Lesson: Can you join us?

Person A: I’m having a party. Can you join us?

Person B: Sorry I can’t. I’m drunk.
Person A: Oh, that’s too bad!

Todays Piece of Common Sense:

Naming a Teddy Bear Will NOT Get you Executed!!!!!

Nothing to do with South Korea, but it does have to do with teaching abroad. Does anybody else find it sad that I’m actually surprised they pardoned her?

(note: no store clerks were harmed in the making of this post)



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2 responses to “Things to Entertain You…

  1. Dave

    I would then be able to move onto the complete works of Dostoevsky?

    Let me know if I’m right, i’ve read this column three times and that is my best guess. That or the one about just saying “I’m fine”. I think you should strive for a Arrested Development quote in every entry, I think it’ll keep things interesting for you. And by you, I mean me….

  2. nope

    it’s the “I was walking in a place I had never been before”

    Tobias, when he’s walking in the gay neighborhood and sees the book he wrote became a surprise hit

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