Things to entertain you…National Kim Chi Day!!!!!

Introducing “Things to Entertain you.” This is going to be my daily format for sharing random cultural thoughts, pictures and basically anything I want to in an easy to digest and read format. Expect to be updated Monday-Thursday, and probably once on the weekend.

Something for you to read: KIM CHI!!!!

Happy National Kim Chi Day!!!!!

Tis the season that teachers are let off of work early so that they may go home and prepare their winters supply of Kim Chi. Save your jokes, they need not apply here.

So it is, that I am sitting in my apartment when I normally would be sitting in my classroom. Back in the day, when South Korea was dirt poor, this was the time of year when Kim Chi and other food started becoming scarce. So traditionally people would prepare a whole seasons worth of Kim Chi to eat.

Now they have stores though, and you can buy Kim Chi.

I missed the national Kim Chi parade. Where floats, made with Kim Chi to look like Kim Chi and manned by people dressed in costumes that look like Kim Chi because they too are made of Kim Chi, pass through the main streets of Seoul, as they throw Kim Chi into the adoring throngs of hungry Korean orphan children. I was however, able to watch it on television. It was almost required, much like how American students all watched the moon landing back in the 60’s.

Later on, I noticed a performance of the dancing Kim Chi’s was happening, so I may try to hit that up. If it’s anything like the dancing soju’s I am in for a treat. I have so much free time today to not make Kim Chi.

What is Kim Chi you ask?

It’s concentrated garlic, poured onto cabbage and mixed with gasoline. Then, it is frozen and left to ferment for 1,000 moons in the bladder of a sperm whale and then served with more garlic.

Actually, I might be a little off on the recipe…

But seriously, the stuff is repulsive.

Note: National Kim Chi Day isn’t really today. It was actually this day.

Visual Stimulation:

After making a joke about dancing Kim Chi’s, I wondered to myself “do they really have dancing Kim Chi’s?”

It seems too possible, as does pretty much anything/everything else here. (let’s just say I’ve learned to shrug and accept and not question a large quantity of things…like the guy who plays the first ten seconds to the R Kelly song “The World’s Greatest” 25 times a day in the apartment next to me)

But as I was looking for a video of dancing kim chi’s, I found something better. The plot of this video, as I understand is that the Kim Chi fairy comes to give Kim Chi to all the good little boys and girls who get good grades. Again, I might be wrong…but at least I’m trying.

Piece of Pop Culture that I Miss Today:

The T9 function on my cell phone. The amazing function that allows you to type words without having to scroll through every letter assigned to that particular number on your phone.

They have this function on the cell phones here, but only if you type in Korean. I have tried to text Korean to people but all my friends fall into one of two categories:

1. people who can’t read Korean

2. people who can’t read MY Korean because of my poor spelling

Piece of Pop Culture I’m Diggin on Today:

The won. The currency of Korea. In front of me lies 5,000 won. It sounds like a lot but it’s really only around 5 dollars.

But it feels really good when I get my monthly pay check and can describe myself as “A Millionaire.”

Fun with English

Salsa is not a tasty Mexican condiment here in Korea.

No, instead Salsa means diarrhea.

I had fun with this in class today.

Reason No. 1 why I probably won’t go to Japan:

1984ish anybody?


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