If Jesus was never born…do I still get presents?

Paul, from England writes and wants to know:

Do they know that it’s Christmas?

Even though it’s only Christmas Eve back home it is Christmas here in Seoul. But based on the students playing soccer outside my window, the lack of snow, and the television programming today I would have to answer that “No, in fact they do not know it is Christmas.” Unless of course ‘Alien 4,’ ‘Mr. Bean,’ and that movie they made about the Oklahoma City bombing are traditional Christmas fare. Where’s ‘Charlie Brown’s Christmas,’ or my James Bond marathon…it’s just not Christmas without these.

And please, all I really want for Christmas is to be able to watch The Suns vs. The Lakers.

I always thought the song was rather silly though. “Do they know that it’s Christmas?”

On Christmas day, when you are opening your hoards of gifts and throwing out your left over Christmas ham, do you really want starving children in the Sudan to know about it? Do they know that on this single day America dedicates more money than most African countries entire yearly GDP?

“You know, we could help you with that AID’s thing but Suzy really needs a talking Cabbage Patch doll…she won’t shut up about it.”

So, if it’s all the same I’d prefer they not know that it’s Christmas. I’d rather keep my over indulgences and minor hedonisms to myself, thank you very much.

With that said, I really like Christmas.

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One response to “If Jesus was never born…do I still get presents?

  1. I live in Bangkok and I like Christmas In Bangkok.

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