Your Daily Shot of Soju: Today is what this format was made for

“Your Daily Shot of Soju” is my daily format for sharing random cultural thoughts, pictures and basically anything I want to in an easy to digest and read format. Expect to be updated Monday-Thursday, and probably once on the weekend.

Something for you to read:

Well, I’m back from Thailand. Have been for a few days but have been too exhausted to write anything. However, this does not mean that I was too exhausted to go out drinking till 4 in the morning last Saturday. It bothers me that all my favorite places to drink I can eventually never go back to for whatever shenanigans I end up pulling, but that is a story for another time.

For now it is 2008 and the votes are in! No, not the ones from Iowa, but the votes from 2007.

It seems that with 98 percent of districts reporting I am the run-away winner of 2007! (music plays and balloons fall from the ceiling in my apartment)

Yes, 2007 was a contest. Yes, you lost. Better luck next year.

Visual Stimulation:


I am attacked by Lobster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What do you want to do during your winter break?

How about teach 8 hours of winter camp every day? Cause that’s what I’m doing.

I hardly have to tell you my feelings about working MORE during my winter break than I did during the school year.

Just beware that this may affect my level and consistency of writing.

Piece of pop culture I’m diggin on today:

Universal health insurance. Even for me, I am pretty much covered for anything outside of elephant attack, jumping out of buildings or over-inhalation of Crisco.

Along with a mild tan I came back from Thailand with some allergic reaction that causes my stomach to feel like it’s constantly being twisted like a wet cloth. So what did a visit to the doctors as well as a weeks worth of medicine cost me?

3,000 won…or 3 dollars.

Also, did I mention that a bottle of soju only costs 1,000 won?

Piece of Pop Culture I Miss Today:

I’m kind of missing the elections. I know that Korea had it’s own and that if I were at home I’d be totally sick of them by now. However, I kind of miss the conversations and the questions that come with the decision. I’ll be back home just in time to catch the final election push as well as vote but it just doesn’t feel the same.

With that said, I encourage you not to vote. Seriously. It’s a way to pacify the general population from true social change by tricking them into believing they have a say when really you have absolutely no say. The American Political Landscape, by it’s very nature is reactionary. I would say it lags about 20 years behind society as a whole, and that’s being generous. The only thing pro-active the government has ever done is go to war.

Where’s the pre-emptive strike on poverty? Or a shitty educational system? Or health care that neglects the poor?

If you want real change you have to make it happen yourself.

Fun with Engirish:

This is admittedly kind of weak…but I still thought it was funny

Student: My favorite food is CRAP.

Me: What is your favorite food?

Student: CRAP.

Me: Ok, just checking.

He meant to say craB. Honest mistake, but I’ll chuckle at what I can.

On second thought:

Vote. It may be tokenism at it’s most brutal, but at least it’s OUR tokenism. And if I had to think of one word to describe the United States, tokenism would definitely be a word on the list.

Just don’t let voting be the only time you let your voice be heard…because otherwise your only a whisper in a cavern filled with them.

North Korea is pissed about something:

I didn’t even read the article. I can guess what it says.

And in this weeks “I swear! It was the two guys on the grassy knoll!” explanation…maybe the dumbest defense/explanation ever.

One last piece of visual stimuli:

The sunset in Thailand. We found a cliff side restaurant just above the beach. I watched the sunset here pretty much every day.img_0804.jpg


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One response to “Your Daily Shot of Soju: Today is what this format was made for

  1. nena

    Hi. Ran accross your post while perusing. I just left Seoul, South Korea from teaching. I miss it. What got my attention however was your Soju Bottle at the top of your page.

    Soju+Good Friends=Some really messed up jokes about your for the rest of the week at work.


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