Your Daily Shot of Soju: Melancholy and the infinite…wait…what was I just talking about?

“Your Daily Shot of Soju” is my daily format for sharing random cultural thoughts, pictures and basically anything I want to in an easy to digest and read format. Expect to be updated Monday-Thursday, and probably once on the weekend.

Something for you to read:

There should be a lesson in all of this.

All of what you ask? Well, to be frankly honest, I don’t know. I have yet to choose a topic for this post. I hardly think this will be a problem however, as many things could potentially contain a lesson. Besides, I’m at my best when there’s no point. Points are over rated. (the astute reader will point out that last sentence made a point)

Today is a day without point. It does not have a point, it is sans point really. You could say it is lacking point.

I find myself in a struggle between two outcomes. To love or leave? Isn’t that a question that should ultimately contain a lesson? Lovers can’t be leavers, and the same could be said vice versa…regardless of whatever the cliche’ says.

So putting aside all temptations to blogging granditude, I will spare you big words and my personal reflections. Besides, the hardest questions are usually the most simple. Do I want to stay in Seoul and continue with the relationship I have, or do I want to stay and roll the dice for something else. One of these options is all about a girl…the other has absolutely nothing to do with a girl.

Get the girl? Search the unknown? Why can’t I have both?

People who want everything inevitably want things that are opposite of each other. Some quote about “serving two masters” comes to mind…but I doubt it was meant to apply in a situation such as this…but then again, maybe it was.

Certainty and I are not on speaking terms.

Visual Stimulation:


Hot Korean girls. No other real reason.

The wicked world wobbled on wheels of winterish wimsy:

Winter camp is upon me and I am spending pretty much all day teaching. I spend my hours when I’m not teaching either preparing to teach, or drinking. I’ll give you a moment to guess which one of those two I’m doing right now.

There are some fun things to the camp though. There are fewer students so we can play more movement based games. Playing “Matthew Teacher Says” with 15 third graders is much easier than playing it with 36. Also, today we did the Hokey Pokey, and I don’t care how old you are the Hokey Pokey is always fun. In fact I just got done doing it by myself in my room. (drinking or preparing to teach?)

Also, do you want to know an easy way to kill 30 minutes of a winter camp session?

Four words for you: Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers

Piece of Pop Culture I miss today:

A heated bathroom. Unlike the rest of my apartment my bathroom is not heated here in Seoul. In order to feel warm when I use it I have to run the shower, which sprays water all over my bathroom (my apartment lacks a bath tub and basically my entire bathroom is the shower). This means that I shave, brush my teeth and do my other business all in the shower while it is running. If I don’t I’m spending 20 minutes in a room that is well below freezing.

I never before in my life imagined that I would end up showering and taking a poo at the same time…furthermore, I never imagined that this would constitute an inconvenience.

Piece of Pop Culture I’m diggin today:

My bed. It’s in Korea so I’m counting it as part of Korean culture.

It is my safety, my refuge, my rock when times get tough. It is my Oprah book club and my king size snickers bar.

It is my cocoon and my itunes shuffle. It is impervious and omnipotent. Fleeting and forever. The reason I’m late to work every morning. A sage. A benefactor.

It is the heat my bathroom so desperately needs and my pep talk from Steve Kerr.

Visual Engirish Stimutax:


A very special stationary for some very special…um…tests?

Tickets to France? So Michael’s gonna go live it up ol’ South American Style:

Today in my English Winter camp, for the 6th graders, the topic was “Around the World.”

When the students were putting flags on a map of the world one of them put France in South America, right where Chile should be.

I made the joke that I wrote above in the bolded text. Of course nobody, not even my co-teacher, understood it. I still giggled uncontrollably for about 87 seconds.


One last thought of the day:

just for the hell of it…

Dj Qbert – Wave Twisters



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3 responses to “Your Daily Shot of Soju: Melancholy and the infinite…wait…what was I just talking about?

  1. Dave

    Good to see you brought back the Arrested Development quotes…

  2. i need to do something to keep people interested

  3. DAVE


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