Your Saturday Morning Something

So, sometimes during the  year it snows and this means that I wont’ be going outside as much.  In all fairness I am pretty lazy to begin with.  Snow seems to make this worse.

I suppose I could use the time that I’m not going outside to get some work done.  You know the work I’m being paid and given free housing to do?  And I was, I was honestly going to work on it last night…but then “Scary Movie 2” came on the TV.

Put aside were my jobs and tasks that I could do and instead I zoned out for an hour.  Raunchy, over-obvious jokes aren’t something I have gotten a lot of here in Korea and the stations here don’t censor the English language.  So we get all the cussing and drug references you can handle.  The censors are only responsible for the subtitles that go along with the words and as far as I can tell, when a character delivers a 3 sentence curse word laden dialogue and the subtitles only come up with two symbols I can only imagine that the translation is not getting all the way through.

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  1. but then “Scary Movie 2″ came on the TV.

    guess who was ALSO victim to a night in front of the tube watching the Wayans classic. Guess who also watched poorly directed mis-dubbed tv 19 soft porn for 2 hours? HIGH FIVE.

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