Your Daily Shot of Soju: Random Thoughts…Soft Core Porn and Paris Hilton (surprisingly, these are two separate topics)

Your Daily Shot of Soju” is my daily format for sharing random cultural thoughts, pictures and basically anything I want to in an easy to digest and read format. Expect to be updated Monday-Thursday, and probably once on the weekend.

Something for you to read – Random Thoughts:

– I bet it’s really easy to be a rapper here in Korea. Pretty much every word can end with the honorific sounds ‘yo,’ ‘imnika’ and ‘imnida.’ If you put out a rap album here you could say ‘yo yo yo’ over and over again and people would probably just think you were really, really polite.

– Crappy couple days to be a Michigan State or Pistons basketball fan. Between their two games against the Knicks and Iowa the teams combined to make only 39 out of 127 shots. That’s only 30.7 percent of your shots. In the Michigan State game the Spartans shot only 4 free throws, making only 1…the Hawkeyes shot 29 free throws. Although I’m not glad to be missing basketball I’m not terribly upset I missed these games.

– You know that scene in ‘Harold and Kumar’ where the Korean character Harold refuses to cross the street until he gets the green signal, even though there’s absolutely no traffic around? When I first saw that movie, I thought it was a joke. Now I know differently. The other day I stood in a group of ten Korean college students on the edge of an empty street waiting for the green signal.

– On the opposite end of the spectrum, cars run red lights all the time without repercussion (especially taxis and motorcycles) and I have been in no less than 3 buses that have pulled U-turns on crowded streets.

– After riding in a number of taxis and pedestrian cars I wonder how people ever got around driving in Korea before GPS. Or did they just always have it?

– At the school outside my window a winter running club has started up. I watched them today while I smoked a cigarette. There’s really no joke there.whatwouldnphdo.jpg

– I have on average 30 students in my class. One class is 40 minutes long. This means the average student gets only 80 seconds of individual teaching time per class. I see a student, at most, once a week.

– Korea has so much soft core porn its ridiculous. Right now I’m watching two Korean women fight over a large wooden dildo that gives the holder of it amazing sex. The fight ends with one of the women beating the other with the dildo.

– The really funny thing about this is that all the channels these come up on are extra cable channels, and while I pay for my internet my school pays for my cable and were the ones who pre-chose my cable package. This means that they are the ones who chose to hook me up with ten extra channels of soft core porn. In my mind I imagine that they had a sit down meeting with some of the relevant people in the school to discuss this. I imagine that their discussion went something like this:

A: We have some extra money to spend on the new English teacher. I suggest extra school supplies.

B: I suggest Soft Core porn

A: Agreed. Let’s go watch it at his apartment before he arrives.

B: Agreed

On a semi-related note, I suck at writing witty dialog. On a second semi-related note, when I asked the school for money to but a book about teaching English with music they told me they would try and find some extra money.

– My bathroom wall is creaking, like someone was walking on the opposite side of it and it’s really starting to creep me out.

– Learning about life from milk – “No matter how much you have, it can all go bad in less than a week.”

Visual Stimuli:


I don’t really like getting pictures from other sites but I was checking out the photos on the Facebook group “Interesting Observations of a Foreigner in Korea,” and some of these are just too good to not share with people. Here’s one of them.

It’s like throwing an egg at a stone:

The Samsung company is being investigated by the South Korean Government for corruption and bribery.

Most Koreans doubt anything will really happen to the company since it is central to the Korean economy, employing over 1/4 million people and is the countries largest conglomerate in an industry that accounts for over 90 percent of South Korea’s exports. When talking about this story I learned my favorite Korean catch phrase, written in the bolded letters above.

Fun little note: Samsung means ‘three stars’ Sam = 3, Sung = stars
There’s also an Osung which means 5 stars.

Videos of Paris Hilton during her visit to Seoul:

The show she is on here is called “Mo Han Do Jan.” It’s an insanely popular comedy/sketch show. My kids love it.

Is it a bad thing that I’m actually starting to understand Korean comedy?

Paris decides to sing:

The best part is how she can completely enjoy herself when her body guards keep literally everybody ten feet away from her. I wonder if she even realizes she’s at a party with other people?

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