The Parable of My Stuff

The question dawned on me one day. Between my computer and my television, how much time per day do I spend staring at a screen?

So I began to watch the clock while I was watching the screen. Each day I tried to spend less and less time staring at a screen, having reality filtered to me in a box. Wouldn’t you know, after a while I stopped using either all together. But then I spent all my time staring at the clock, worrying about time, it was running out.

I stopped staring at my clock and I eventually stopped worrying about time. It was no longer running out. But then, I began to show up late for work and was late to appointments or missed them completely. I had no idea of the time. Eventually I stopped going to work or making appointments at all.

But then I worried about money. Without a job how will I pay for food and a place to live? So I sold all my possessions that I did not believe that I needed. My apartment was empty except for a refrigerator for food and a few blankets for me to sleep on. A pile of my clothes huddled in the corner. I spent my days walking around the city watching the people and enveloping myself in the feel and texture of life. Never straying too far from my apartment, however, because a ride home would cost money that I was running short on. When I wasn’t walking around the city I would stare out my window, puffing on a cigarette and slowing drinking some Soju. I would stare west, into the distance at the dim outlines of the mountains.  Their grandeur, hidden in the solitude of clouds and the creeping night sky.

Without money I began to lose contact with friends. I could not call my family and I had not seen or heard from them in months. I was alone.

Despite my best efforts eventually my money ran out. I was forced to sell my remaining few possessions and leave the place I lived. I was sad because I could no longer look out the windows toward the mountains. I had nothing.

What would I do for food? What would I do for shelter? What would I do?

It was then, when I had nothing left to keep me, that I pointed my feet west and I began to walk. The dim outlines towering in the distance growing clearer and clearer with each passing step.


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