Updated Look

I’ve decided to kind of take today off from writing in order to update the look of the site as well as come up with some new ideas for you, the esteemed reader.  I value you’re support and comments and am working to make this a site that is both entertaining and valuable enough, information wise, to visit on a daily basis.

Here are some of the changes and things to expect.

First, the most noticeable change:  The layout.  Gone is the green and orange(eee)ish look that I had been using.  I decided 1970’s shag carpet is not something I want my visitors to think about when they check out the site.  Arrived is the new layout, that is a bit more sparse, but allows for me to update the heading picture/slogan more easily and just looks more professional in my opinion.  I hope the new layout will enhance the look of pictures that I add.

Second, the name:  I changed the name of the site to “You’re Daily Shot of Soju.”  I never really felt right with the old “Soju and Teaching,” although I liked how self explanatory it was.  I hope the new name reflects some of the changes I’m going to add.

Third:  On your right I added a status update that is an idea that is directly stolen from Facebook…or FreeDarko, depending on who you ask.  I don’t care.  I like the idea and it’s easy as hell to update.

Next, some things that you should expect.

Upcoming Events:  For those of you living in Seoul and wondering “What the hell can I do besides go to the local bar and then Noraebong,” this is for you.  On, top of the header picture will be a list of upcoming events.  Furthermore, in my daily shot, I will tell you about some events that I hand pick as the ones I look most forward to.  Hopefully, I’ll have the first draft up by the end of the week.

Teacher tips/materials:  I know many other teachers are stuck of what to do.  We hate following the curriculum word for word and wish we could be a bit more creative.  I’ll add some links to sites with teacher resources and once I figure it out will be adding some of the teaching materials that I use.  My hope is that we can share a few of our resources/ideas/lessons.

And for the daily “Daily Shot of Soju”

I plan on keeping the same, bolded/bullet type, style for my daily update that I have been using.  Expect these categories to make an appearance.

Movie Reviews:  What are Korean movies like?  Are the horror movies really more frightening?  Why is there so much soft core porn?  I’ll try to, at least once a week, have a new movie that you can check out at your local DVD room or check out at the local video store.

Pictures: Expect more of them.

Videos: Expect me to post some more of my own…hopefully with sound

News: A daily update of important news and goings on.

Of course, any other suggestions are welcome.  And of course I will be the arm’s length lovable, is he funny or not(?), he sounds a little to pretentious for me, type of writer that you’ve all come to know and love.  Also, more ‘Arrested Development’ quotes.


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  1. Betsy

    Just so you know, I totally check here every day to see how you are. You are in my thoughts. 🙂

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