Your Daily Shot of Soju: Things that make sense- Barry Sanders, flash videos, and Jay-Z; Things that don’t make sense – Everything else

“Your Daily Shot of Soju” is my daily format for sharing random cultural thoughts, pictures and basically anything I want to in an easy to digest and read format. Expect to be updated Monday-Thursday, and probably once on the weekend.

Something for you to read:

The guy pushing me out of his way as he left the subway hit home the point. It wasn’t already enough that I just realized I missed my stop, I’m kind of dense and need physical confrontation to make me seriously evaluate anything, so for this I thank him. Also, I had zoned out and didn’t even realize I had missed my stop.

This is not my city.

In a way, this is good. Having grown up, and then gone to college in the same city, I began to feel a sense of ownership. The city is mine. Jigga coined it more perfectly than anybody else I have ever heard. “Mannerisms of a young Bobby Deniro.” Coincidentally, “Reasonable Doubt” is the one Jay-Z album I can listen to anymore. Even though later on he may have had more sway and swag, he never understood his city the same way he did on his first album. With every album following he was viewing the city as one who is removed, rather than one who is. Similarly, I will never understand my home town the same way again.

Startling as this has been I am far from being alone in my boat. There are many, not just in Seoul, but I assume around the world. You can never really find yourself until you are forced to look at yourself through the eyes of another culture. Or maybe you never lose yourself? The rules of universal remarks are lost on me and I find myself replaying Jigga lyrics in my head over and over again and it’s really messing with my train of thought. But again, “9 to 5 ain’t how I survive, I’m tryin to live life to the limit and love it a lot.” I think that applies here?

I look towards my own study of the Korean language and, while at times is the most satisfying thing in the world, is more often then not, incredibly frustrating and depressing. More depressing is the fact that once I start to become real good at the language and accustomed to the culture, I will probably leave. Maybe not, but probably. Wanderers do not own anything substantial, especially not a city.

I am reminded of this time in Sophomore Spanish when we were conjugating verbs. The basic form of Hablar, became hablos, habla, hablamos etc. Jigga was hot. We were all given mini-white boards. The teacher would read off a random verb and we were supposed to conjugate all the forms on the board and then hold it up for the class to see.

Jiggar, Jiggo, Jigga, Jiggas, Jiggamo, Jiggais. The moment I saw, bold and black on the beautiful white board, my life changed. To this day I still think it’s the funniest joke I’ve ever heard/saw, and I find myself wishing that I had the capacity to make the Korean language as fun. Perhaps, then I would stop worrying about my future plans so much and simply focus on enjoying what I’m doing now.

I guess it meant “To Jig,” but part of me wants to believe that the verb meant “to own a city.”

And just for the hell of it “Farfugnugen.” Bonus points for anybody who knows that reference. Or Schrute Bucks if you want to be down with the kids these days…god damn NBC.

Visual Stimulation:


Piece of pop culture I’m diggin on today:

Supermarkets every 15 steps. A new one opened just the other day. I walked in and browsed the merchandise and guess what? It had the exact same stuff for the exact same price as the supermarket half a block down. Invention is the child of something or another…I know for sure, now, it can’t be necessity.

Piece of pop culture I miss today:

A real kitchen. I have a burner, a sink, and a place to dry my dishes. Making a “two slices of bread with tuna mixed with mayonnaise” in the middle of it has never been more difficult. Also I keep breaking dishes.

Eh, Maybe:

Jigayo, Jigsumnida, Jignungo, Jigasso, Jigkoeyo…eh, doesn’t have the same ring

Daily News and Links:

Google Maps is Wrong!!! This is a deal here, considering many of the mis-labeled areas are areas that wars/battles have been fought over…including on in 1999.

The Prime Minister of Canada apparently never took ‘Intro to Economics.’ If he did he would know that if one country is really good at making one thing, and another is really good at making another, then it is both countries best interest to concentrate on making what they make best. Then they trade. Why the hell would South Korea want Canadian cars anyways? I bet they’re huge (and probably don’t have GPS). But seriously, we’ll trade you cars and you give us maple syrup. The syrup they have here tastes like a mixture of sugar, water, and tree.

1000 years of South Korean history in about ten minutes. Really cool flash video.

As if we weren’t already getting our ass kicked by China and India in the auto industry, now we need to compete with them for English teaching jobs in South Korea.

Tomorrow I’ll teach them about the 2004 Detroit Pistons and on Friday ‘How to count to 81 by 2’s and 3’s, starring Kobe Bryant’:

I showed some of my kids a youtube clip of Barry Sanders today and they were mesmerized. There is hope for this culture after all.

I suppose, why not?:


Naked babies holding a globe? It’s in the courtyard of my school.

Somewhere Julia Stiles is writing crappy poetry:

Heath Ledger died. You may remember him from “Brokeback Mountain,” but I don’t. I never saw that movie.

For now and til forever more I will remember him as ‘Sir William Thatcher.’ The peasant boy who changed his stars and became a knight and nailed the hot princess chick in his tent.

Unless of course he kills his role as The Joker in the upcoming Batman Movie. Then all bets are off.


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  1. Dave

    The heading on your blog reads as You are Daily Shot of Soju….

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