Your Daily Shot of Soju: Wrestling with Super Junior.

“Your Daily Shot of Soju” is my daily format for sharing random cultural thoughts, pictures and basically anything I want to in an easy to digest and read format. Expect to be updated Monday-Thursday, and probably once on the weekend.

The Greatest Video Ever Created:

The other day I linked to this video. It was so good I felt it deserved it’s own post. Besides, this was in the top 15 of the top 50 videos of 2007 from Korean MTV…kind of glad I missed this one.

Super Junior – Happiness

Super Junior vs. NWA:

The song inspires in me a mirth, a merriment, an excrement of the 3rd degree.

The power of art to sway a culture is staggering. The notion of celebrity is one that has long intrigued me and I have come to one of two conclusions. That, that which is popular is so because it is able to register with enough people, who see part of themselves in the art, that they support it. Paradoxically, celebrity can also come about from people who represent nothing of the culture as a whole, but simply represent something that the culture as a whole wishes they could be. I wonder, which one of these two is this video a case of?ivyteukievp7.jpg

It would be folly to think that this was the way the entire culture acted but I have seen, firsthand, that many in the culture do act this way. Males hugging and making hand hearts with one another is not seen as homosexual in nature. I can’t help but wonder if the culture has always been this way, or is this a new trend?

Is this a case of art imitating life or the other way around? I guess the real question should be ‘is this even art?’ At the very least it’s pop culture. Its influence is broad.

NWA once took a segment of American life and popularized it in song. This was a case of art imitating life, but only a section of life. This is key. For as time moved on the art ceased to imitate a section of life so much as it began to imitate itself. In following, the huddled masses, yearning for an identity and unable to find their own niche of American culture to popularize, gravitated toward this form, imitating the very art that was imitating life. They were now imitating a caricaturized version of a small piece of ‘off the beaten path’ American life. Life is but a cliché of itself.

Is the same thing is happening here? I suppose happiness is not a bad thing.

If Rachel were to be believed however, this is all Japans fault.

Opinions are only valid if others hold similar ones:

Of course whatever I think is only what I think. So with that in mind here are a couple of initial thoughts given to me by people who used to be my friends until I showed them this video…via Facebook:

Don Vitta – When and if I trick someone into having children with me and these said children happen to be boys and exhibit the displayed qualities in this video, those little fucks will locked in a weight room and fed ‘roids and speed until they are well-rounded and masculine like me.

Debonair James – Cheers for wasting 5minutes of my life matt.

Big Baby Ben – I think the fat one in red is in one of my classes. This video makes me want to injure puppies.

Other Matt – the lead singer is cute….but….this has got to be the GAAAAAAAYEST video I have ever seen….the gym (aka gay church), shopping (aka my people know fashion), etc etc…yeah…this is pretty gay…and the free hug (FEB 2 is hug a gay day)….

Miss Marie Far From Home – This is what I have been complaining about for five months. We move to Korea and all you guys get gorgeous women to stare it. What do we women get? Men that try their hardest to look like women.
On another note, half of my students thinks Super Junior is “very handsome!” and the other half think they are a big joke. Keep in mind I teach at an all boys Middle School.


Happiness will hang you in your legal residence:

Here are a few excerpts from the lyrics, compliments of Babel Fish…which is always 100% accurate:

Also the once difficulty will be extensive and it will try to forget,

it will not be and only thought Happiness will hang only you

the like that what it spreads out Oh! day it forgot, well! Oh!

to you it does as a favor together happinessit will close eyes and that Ass of Mam inside which draws cyo it will carry and the light to reveal

it will be extensive and it loves and and with you it does together forever

also the once difficulty will be extensive and not to be a forgetting legal residence

it is before you and the hour when it is promised comes it is crying,

the hand inside the that time to wipe a tear cap happiness will happen and well! Oh!

it will carry and the light to reveal

it is visible it will carry the happiness which is eternal and to call,when rightly it tries to open you mind there will be I and he will carry and

it will be to you side to call and well!

Oh! will be extensive and with you to love

together it does forever

I bet Rachel ten dollars that within 5 years at least two of the members would come out of the closet:

She agreed. To the bet…not that they would come out.

A few links regarding Super Junior:

Super Junior held a contest where people could sing along with the song and post their video on know, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Of course, they all live together and are not allowed to have girlfriends.

And then thinking about it:

We did have N’Sync and the Backstreet Boys. I can only imagine how confusing (in so many ways) this video would have been if I had not known English.



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5 responses to “Your Daily Shot of Soju: Wrestling with Super Junior.

  1. Dave

    You know the “Family Guy” where Quagmire gets sick to his stomach upon realizing that Taylor Hanson is actually a guy? I had a similar situation upon finding out the sex of the singer in the red-striped shirt….

  2. monica

    is super junior allowed to hav facebook and such email type things?

  3. I doubt they have Facebook as it isn’t popular in Korea. A search on Myspace finds a couple different Super Junior sites, but it’s unclear how much the guys themselves actually work on it themselves.

    Instead they might have a Cyworld account, which is the Korean equivalent of Facebook/Myspace. Although I have not been able to find their Cyworld account, only a link to their official website.

    They may have individual sites though if you’re up for checking.

    If they do have a CyWorld account I bet their site is professionally run and acts more like a fan site rather than the boys personal site. K-Pop celebrities are known for being worked very hard by their record labels and I doubt they have much time to be cruising the internet. But it might be worth a look.

  4. Actually, I looked on Facebook and did find a fan site for Super Junior. Again, it appears the boys themselves probably have little to do with the actual page themselves.

  5. Gabby

    Actually, I know of at least two members who have cyworld accounts — Leeteuk, the oldest and the group’s leader, updates his rather irregularly, but there was a recent “scandal” of sorts involving him and concerning the acceptance of a friend request on cyworld; and Kim Heechul, the second oldest of the group, updates his much more frequently than Leeteuk, often with original poetry, random anecdotes (from his past as a trainee and the present as a part of Super Junior), or his thoughts on the latest single from another popular artist/group. You can find translations of his and Leeteuk’s cyworld entries on the soompi forums. In fact, most of the members of SuJu have had cyworld accounts at some point, but now no longer maintain them or have had them deleted.

    Also, the members have specific message board-like “fan cafes,” where fan’s can leave short messages to which the members respond directly — translations of these can also be found on soompi, or on one of the numerous Super Junior communities on LiveJournal.

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