Weekly Blog Roundup

  • I’m not sure if this is an example of “genius and insanity occupying a space so thin a paper couldn’t fit through,” or if this is simply “bending towards the will of convention.” Either way, Shaq is traded to Phoenix. The guys from FreeDarko wallow in sorrow.
  • How much does joining the South Korean army suck? Via Deadspin. They did an article on South Korean soccer players busting their shoulders to get out of military service. In the comments section below, I found this gem:

One of my instructors at the Defense Language Institute was in the South Korean Army before immigrating to the US and joining the US Army.
One day in training he and his company had to ride a zipline off a cliff, which was painted in red, green and red sections. The drill instructors told him that if fell off in the first red section, he would fall to his death. If he let go in the green, he would hit the net, and if he waited until the last red segment, he would hit the other cliff wall and die. He was not ashamed to admit that opted instead to curl up on the ground and cry while the instructors beat him with sticks.

Of course, the source is a Deadspin commenter. Not the most reputable, but still entertaining, none the less.

  • EFL Geek wonders how much appearance matters in Native English speaking. Finds out by taking a survey of a bunch of Korean mothers.
  • Kind of old, but South Korea is planning a Robot City. Strange, when The Matrix is on Tv at least twice a week.
  • Foreign teacher saves child from Korean teacher! Stop the presses. Corporal punishment is nothing new to Korea, but I think everybody agrees this is taking it too far. My co-teacher and I agreed that simply making the student stand in the hallway would be sufficient as it’s cold as hell there too.
  • The rate of illegal drug use rises in Korea. Surprisingly, it’s not completely the foreigners fault, although you wouldn’t be able to tell by the tone of the article. My Mcdonalds napkin math tells me that although foreigners are a VERY small part of the problem, our rate of usage is still higher than our presence in the country. Foreigners make up 1 percent of the population, yet contribute to 3 percent of the drug arrests. Racial profiling? Maybe.

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