Your Daily Shot of Soju: Maria is, like, really really hot

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Maria is the theme song for the Korean comedy “200 Pound Beauty.” In it a woman who is an amazing singer but is left to work the talented half of a Milli-Vanilli arrangement because she is too fat. I believe Aretha Franklin would never have become popular here.

Like most Korean comedies it becomes fairly serious, an the storyline goes pretty much to form. The movie is of note however because of a trend in South Korea towards plastic surgery. I would call it a growing trend, but that would be like saying Michael Jackson might have had some work done. In all fairness, this trend is hardly limited to South Korea and Japan is probably a bigger consumer of the plastics market.

Check the video below.

For a moment, I almost put crappy pop music as number 1:

Based on my observations, the four most important things to Korean culture are (in no particular order):

Beauty, health, education and money.

Sounds familiar.

The facial anatomy of a Korean Beauty:


Yah, she is pretty hot…although, I’ve always been partial to some freckles and a tan

Child Hood Obesity is not a laughing (oinking) matter:

We learned the word pig in my class room one day. Farm animals are fun I thought, third graders would get a kick out of it. Plus we could make animal noises. Those are always fun.

We learned Cow, I made cow noises and the students copied me. We learned horse, and the students copied. We learned cat, we learned dog, we learned chicken and we even learned rooster. Every animal came with a sound that the students were more than ready to copy. Then we came to pig. I made a pig sound, but that was it. No other sounds existed. Instead, there were only a cluster of tiny pointing fingers. A girl, who had grown fast for her age sat in the midst of the fingers, looking around, sheepishly. It was then I noticed…we had forgotten to do the word sheep!

The girl tried to smile. But it was overcome with the students all saying “teacher, she is pig.” It was only after the students let me know that the girl was a pig that the oink sounds began. I looked toward the back of the room, where the student’s home room teacher sat listening to the oinks and laughing to herself.

Actually yes, sometimes it is:


Work it Jr.

My nose is the rudder that guides me through life…to the candy section:

Rachel and I were watching TV the other day. On the screen there was a beautiful young actress who had, what Rachel described as, a “high nose.” A “high nose” is what we foreigners have that separates our eyes from one another and can sometimes give them the description of “sunken.” Asian genetics do not provide them with a “high nose,” but rather a flat space between the eyes that might indent up a little bit. Not everybody has the same feature, but it’s not uncommon. I have stopped being offended when students tell me I have a big nose, they mean this as a compliment. However, they still call me fat, which I just laugh at because I know that I am definitely not fat.

Rachel told me that she could tell the actress had plastic surgery and although it might not be obvious to me it was obvious to normal Korean people. Because her surgery was obvious, she told me, people do not respect her acting and singing as much. Although she was very talented. For a brief moment I pretended to listen, but just enough so I knew when to nod my head. Then Rachel asked me if she would look more beautiful with a high nose.

You know, plastic surgery can make some people truly happy:


If you’ve read this far you might actually care what my opinion is:

I have a rule about dating. One of the few actually. I will never date someone who has had plastic surgery. It’s not that I find anything immoral about it or don’t like people who do it. In fact, who am I to tell you anything? All I can know and control is myself.

It’s more that I usually like to date people who are able to look past their supposed weaknesses and find strength in them. It is our imperfections that make us human. It is our imperfections that make us beautiful.



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15 responses to “Your Daily Shot of Soju: Maria is, like, really really hot

  1. Betsy

    I actually like that song, how random is that?
    But I’m glad that there are men that feel that way about “imperfections” which I call uniqueness.

  2. I actually like the song a lot also
    The movie that song is from actually ends with the girl realizing that being gorgeous, but not yourself, isn’t all it’s cracked up to be

    but at the end, she still ends up happy being beautifully fake

  3. “It is our imperfections that make us human. It is our imperfections that make us beautiful.”

    great one 🙂

  4. Jin

    I’ve never personally gotten any plastic surgery, nor plan to, but what’s wrongwith someone wanting to look prettier? In a world where beauty is a subtle but definite presence in personality judgement, can you honestly judge those people who want to get it?

  5. there’s nothing wrong with plastic surgery
    I never said there was

  6. How arbitrary and shallow. Perhaps you should include blonds (or any other hair color alteration, ever), genetic defectives that wear glasses or contacts, those having any dental work, reset bones, or had physical therapy or medical treatment. Why date people who are unable to look past their supposed weaknesses and imperfections making them less human. It is their imperfections that made them beautiful, but you seem to feel they have throw their humanity away. Plastic surgery can be motivated for corrective or vanity reasons. Correcting birth defects or accident damage has a much different motivation and may even have been parent selected, rather than seeking personal vanity enhancement or alterations. Much better to select based on character, principles, attitudes and ideals. Sorry, it is your choice. To you it may not be an arbitrary or shallow judgment on others.

  7. 1. the difference with changing hair is that it can be changed back

    2. this post was referring to people who don’t have physical defects. I understand the benefits for corrective reasons. Plastic surgery has many benefits.

    3. I don’t like dating girls who have fake hair extensions or overdone make up either.

    4. one last time, I never said there was anything wrong with plastic surgery.

  8. brown eyed asian

    this post is refreshing! thanks!

  9. sonim

    hope this informs all my ……….love to all who touches it????????????????

  10. nice! i’m gonna make my own blog

  11. Azumia

    I THINK THAT IS QUITE FUNNY! Are picture of the “korean beauty” looks like a chinese girl.
    I thought u should have put up a picture of boa, or hyori, or kim tae hee.

    Korean beauty is more of small eyelids and stuff (they have the lowest percentage compared to chinese 50% double eyelids and southeast aasians have higher percentage in double eyelids.

    • jenny

      I agreed with Azumia 100%. Koreans are mainly small eyed people. Chinese and southeast asian eyes are much larger and are usually have double eyelids. That girl does look chinese. Most koreans after loads of plastic surgeries look like chinese, Thai or filipinas.

  12. Skami a mga maranao e peur a mga tataid sa donya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! heheh………… aNy reaction?

  13. jenny kim

    This girl cleary had loads of plastic surgeries. I am american korean and those koreans in south korea gets loads of plastic surgeries to make their eyes wide and big, nose surgery and nose bridge implants. Yuk. They even do facial bone structure alteration. Plastic surgeries is so common in korea for the past 20 years. Most koreans already had it done. Am I glad I don’t live in south korea where fake faces are highly value. Korean beauty equal to how much plastic surgeries each korean can afford. No thanks. I like my korean face. I don’t want to look like one of those plastic surgeried korean faces.

  14. Jerrod Condreay

    plastic surgery procedures these days are getting more and more popular because everyone wants to improve their appearance..

    Look into our very own webpage too

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