Weekly Blog Roundup

– South Korea’s no. 1 National Treasure is torched. Pretty sad day for all those involved. Here are some pictures of the landmark before the blaze.

– To the surprise of no one, it was a drunken old man who torched the landmark. The crazy thing is, this guy has been convicted of torching a national treasure before! Let’s file this under the category of “old guys get away with everything in Korea because of outdated Confucian law.” Is that a category on my blog yet? Because it should be.

– The Metropolitican tells us that Ajussi’s ruin everything. (Ajussis are a term for older men) Drunk and angry old men don’t seem to be a rare occurrence in this country.

– On one of my first blog posts I wrote about an old man coming up to me and basically telling me how much I sucked. This is what I wrote, back in August.

You find racist pricks all over the Earth. Last night an older man came up to me as I was sitting on the patio of some local bar, and began to speak in Korean. He seemed nice enough, smiling and talking quietly, but I did not understand much of what he was saying. I knew something was up when I picked up one phrase I halfway recognized, the Korean way of saying “F___ you.” Kukoyo, I think? After he left, without waiting for any response from me, I asked a girl who I was with that spoke Korean what he said. She refused to repeat it, saying that it was too derogatory to repeat. Mind you, I did not have any contact with the man before this nor was I doing anything besides sitting at a table. I need to learn to speak Korean, like yesterday.

Little did I know that racist, angry, drunk old men would become a recurring theme during my stay in this country.

– Kimchi as biological warfare?

– South Korea is preparing for it’s first astronaut flight. The real story though, isn’t the flight, so much as the flight’s menu. Kimchi (no brainer), instant noodles (ramen; a staple of stoners and space men alike), and other organic foods. This is quintessential Korea.

– PopSeoul wonders if we’ve found the new Wonder Girls. I guess the video has a similar kind of look, but the song is too different. I always thought this song was more similar.

– Two things Korean girls love: Cell Phones and calling their boyfriends out for not caring enough about them. Now they can have both!

– In this weeks edition of Korean national secrets, we present you with: Baseball Statistics.

– Surprise, Surprise…sticking drugs up your ass to smuggle them in the country isn’t the top method preferred by international smugglers. Or maybe it is, and they’re just not the ones getting caught. More surprises, foreigners aren’t the biggest problem…yay English.

– I thought this was a staple of all democratic nations. Apparently it is not. Korea has it’s first every trial by jury. Co-teachers opinions: Jurors are stupid. My response: Judges are stupid/corrupt.



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3 responses to “Weekly Blog Roundup

  1. The parasite eggs in kimchi thing has been around for years. But they never find anything which could realistically harm someone.

  2. Lex Von

    Some years ago near Tapgol Park an older drunk lady hanging around the old men who’re always there and always drunk unexpectedly and painfully pinched her elbow into my stomach. Everybody around found this very funny.

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