Your Daily Shot of Soju: I think I remember what I’m doing

“You Daily Shot of Soju” is my daily format for sharing random cultural thoughts, pictures and basically anything I want to in an easy to digest and read format. Expect to be updated Monday-Thursday, and probably once on the weekend.

Shrimpy Snacks make me a better teacher:

Well, I’ve spent the past week hibernating and eating those little bar snacks that taste like shrimp. I didn’t like them at first, but the second you eat one you’ve essentially eaten the whole bag. The only way to stop from eating a huge bag of them is to buy a smaller bag. If South Korea was smart they’d give aid to North Korea exclusively in the form of these little snacks.

Besides sleeping and eating shrimpy snacks I spent lots of my time contemplating my role as a teacher in the South Korean schools. I have spent lots of time on this site documenting the various problems.

So it was that I decided to forgo some brief traveling around the South East Asian areas, and instead spend a week or so figuring out who I was as a teacher. To be fair, it’s not simply South Korea that has forced me to contemplate/re-evaluate my role, but an increasingly weird obsession with pushing myself as a teacher.

Never accomplishing half of what I want, I suppose I still did ok. But I could not shake the nagging feeling that I would have rather been on a real vacation, in a place that is warm and may potentially include snakes. Not that I like snakes, in fact I hate them, but it is my morbid fascination with them that associates them with any warm environment.

Despite this nagging desire I think I did right by myself for staying in Seoul for a week and planning for the coming school year. If I want to be the best teacher I can be then I can’t rightfully be taking off on vacation for the two weeks before school starts.

This is by no means an indictment on my friends who did go on vacation. It’s really just an example. Each decision carried with it pluses and minuses that we need to accept.

It’s what we value that eventually decides our actions for us and, inevitably, our actions that show what we truly value. There’s a phrase “you can’t have your cake and eat it to.” I would say the phrase applies here, but I think it’s one of the stupidest phrases ever.


Piece of Pop Culture I’m Missing Today:

Friends who call you out:

“I know you don’t really like to blog. You just like to show off that you’re smarter than most of the people that read it.”

From my buddy back home. They know me better than anybody.

I do like to write, but I question the validity of blogging. Validity and blogging are not necessarily oxymoronic, but they’re close. I like how I can write in any format I choose, but if I want anybody to read the blog the writing needs to be fairly digestible. Blogs are for the general public, we’re not getting audiences who are willing to sift through extended metaphors for vague realizations of life. Coincidentally, I love metaphors and vague realizations of life.

Cue the top ten list and hit me up on Digg.

Piece of Pop Culture I’m Diggin on Today:

Not getting arrested last Saturday.

I would be remiss if I didn’t at least mention this past weekend. Which hit epic levels of drunken stupidity that would rival any of my classic “ass hole” moments from back home. Those who know me know that that’s a pretty serious ascertation. I won’t go into specific details, since that would require an extended narrative with vague metaphors and realizations on life. My self destructive nature is well chronicled but, at the same time, is a reaction to a generally peaceful way of life. I suppose one can not exist without the other.

Suffice to say, we ended up at Tinpan on Saturday. Tinpan is a terrible, terrible place. I don’t believe anybody who is at Tinpan actually wants to be there. I can’t recall anybody ever saying something like “Hey, Tinpan sounds like a great place to go,” instead we just end up there and that’s how everybody gets there. Once we get there, since nobody really wants to be there, we all act like assholes in some sub-conscious attempt to get kicked out.

“At least four people were trying to kick your ass the other night.” – From the Don himself. I stopped him right there, I’d rather not remember why they wanted to kick my ass. If he’s the voice of reason for the night then you are in hell.

Tinpan is filled with the most vile of people, wretched and awful…and we are the worst of it’s kind.


One last bit of fun:

I’m finally on the Korean Blog List!

Yes, it only took me 6 months…now I need to get on some other blogs…


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