South Korea Raps

Let’s see how many cultures I can offend in this post…


So, How many cows/

you know like 3 or 4 vowels/

and when I walk down the street men make a hissing sound/

I take it in stride and I know what to do/

I respond to girls yelling “I lubbu you too”/

I’m open all day like a “Buy the Way”/

people look at me and don’t know what to say/

their mouth drops open their eyes stare/

every girl here wears granny underwear/

So when it comes down to it I’m quite a handsome fella/

it must be all those times I carry my umbrella/

and when they say hello they know it’s their time to go/

because hello is really all the English that they know/

You might think I’m a white boy and I shouldn’t rap/

but since I’m a token here that makes me pretty much black


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