Weekly Blog Roundup

– An English teacher is burned pretty bad in a fire. His medical costs are pretty high and he was without insurance. Help him out by donating at his website, or check out his facebook group.

– The tragedy above underscores two things for me:

1st; is the lack of fire safety in apartment buildings. There is no fire escape, nor I have seen a smoke alarm. I asked my co-teacher what I should do in the case that there is a fire on the 3rd floor of my building (I live on the 4th floor). She told me to “run to the roof, because the building probably won’t fall over and it will get you out of the smoke.” After she said that she stared off into the distance for a moment and said to me, very seriously, “Please don’t die.”

2nd; GET INSURANCE! I realize that the medical costs for Bill are really, really high and this completely sucks but those are some of the risks you take when you don’t have insurance. In the article the father says that “whoever hires someone should take responsibility for making sure there is insurance.” Well, the kid was working 15 hours a week. If you can find a job, anywhere, that gives you insurance for that amount of time worked per week please clue me in, I would love to have it. I know it sounds really nice to get paid over 2 million won a month for what equals only about 60 hours of work, but check your benefits. You might not always be getting what you think.

– How to keep the Olympics safe from terror attacks? How about making deals with terrorists. For some reason I keep thinking about the time the Rolling Stones paid the Hell’s Angels for event security.

– A creative idea, combining words and music, to give the opening address during the NY Philharmonics recent trip to Pyongyang. Check out the video of the concert here.

– With the governments plan to hire more foreign teachers the price of Native English Teachers is going up. According to this article they are going up pretty high.

– It’s not just Native English Teachers for public schools that are in demand, but College Professors as well.

– Want to pretend you know Korean by singing along with popular songs? Someone found a bunch of lyrics written in Korean and Romanized them so now you can sing along without having to read Korean lettering.

– In the same vein as the pretty hilarious “Stuff White People Like” blog comes the slightly less hilarious “Stuff Asian People Like.” Maybe I find it less hilarious because I can’t nod my head saying things like “man, I do love being outdoors” while I read it. Not sure if both sites are done by the same people, but I doubt it.

– An ABC article about the use of Laughter as therapy in South Korea. I thought this accompanying quote was pretty interesting.

As the old Korean saying goes, men are not to cry more than thrice in their lifetime — at birth, at loss of sovereignty of his country and at parent’s death. And for a household to prosper, women’s laughter should not be heard outside the fence of her home.

– You know when I said that Korean people had no rhythm and couldn’t dance? I’m not sure if this video proves me right or wrong. I’m leaning towards the latter.

– Finally, originally assumed to be a Bizarre Sexual Harassment Manual, it turned out to be a Bizarre Math problem. Not sure which one is more creepy.


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