Weekly Blog Roundup

– First things first. Saturday is St. Patty’s Day. There’s a big festival in Cheonggye.

– Microsoft is working on some really cool software. They are taking tourist pictures and putting them into a data base that allows internet viewers to take a virtual 3D walking tour of the area. Right now it’s still in it’s initial stages but they have a tech preview up that includes a walking tour of Seoul’s Gyeongbokgung Palace. (if you don’t click anything else on this, check this out)

– South Korea is sad. A study done a few years ago tracked the happiest countries in the world. The United States ranked 23rd. South Korea ranked 103rd. China comes in at 82 and Japan at 90. So you’re telling me that alchie workaholics aren’t happy? Thanks.

– This does put a hole in my theory that South Korea is representative of “Brave New World” where as the United States is “1984.” However, if I’m going to be a slave I’d rather be a drunk slave who has meaningless sex rather than one who can be arrested for writing a note on the refrigerator.

– I don’t know who this Paul Lowe is but he sounds like he sucks. Bloggers unite.

–  There seems to be a lot of hate towards college graduates wanting to come to Seoul? It seems that people assume that I came here because I couldn’t get a job back in the states. Koreans and foreigners alike have mentioned this to me. Does everybody think that Seoul is that crappy a place to live that it has to be a last resort? Please, I had jobs and job offers back home and in other countries…I wanted to come here.

– The book I wish I had before I came to Korea to teach. I am heading to “What the book” tomorrow to find it. Wait, no I’m not. Tomorrow is St. Patty’s day…Sunday then.

– Amanda answers a question I’ve had numerous times: can I take pictures here? The answer…um…inconclusive I guess.

– What if Derek Jeter murdered 4 people then committed suicide by walking into the Hudson River? Well, that’s pretty much what happened here.

Drink while you golf is a new concept? I can’t imagine golfing sober…it must be tedious as hell.

– Pop Seoul explores the existential quandaries of South Korean Commercials…or maybe that’s giving it a bit too much credit.

– I’ve bitched and moaned enough that the only Taco Bell is tucked safely behind General Issue doors that I can not get to…but can see (The U.S. government manages to piss me off, even over here). Instead though, we can get “Dos Tacos.” It’s ok. As someone who grew up asking the Mexicans behind the counter at Pancheros for extra meat and guacamole it’s definitely a let down, but by this point anything involving a tortilla shell is right up there with “High Noses” and “Small Faces”…for those keeping score at home that’s pretty good.

– Finally, just for the hell of it, the ol’ skool Camp Lo’s – Coolie High album is the second best “warm weather is here” album ever. Just slightly behind 40 oz’s to Freedom…which by the way is not available on Itunes as a full album.

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