The Death of Daily Shot

Well, I’m killing the shot.  I copped a 12 gauge and I’m takin it out Tupac and Biggie style.

The blog will still be here, but the format I’ve been using is being scrapped.  You know, read something – picture – culture I dig/miss – Engirish, that sort of thing.  That format went strong all winter, but now it just reminds me of winter.  Spring is here and I want to pretend winter never existed.

Besides, I don’t do it daily so it really can’t be a daily shot.  Second, I just think the format is too limiting/becoming a burden…just like winter.

Anyways, I was going to write today but then I decided to go see a movie with Rachel.

Sidenote: if you were planning on seeing 10,000 BC let me save you a few hours…don’t.  This comes from someone who professes to like crappy movies with cool visual effects, I watch “Kingdom of Heaven” every time it’s on TV without fail…even this movie was too crappy and the visuals weren’t even that cool.  Rachel has told me I am never allowed to pick movies again and after a string of picks that have included “Jumper,” “Beowulf,” and “10,000 BC” I’m actually apt to agree with her.


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