My friends wonder what I do with all my spare time

Sometimes I make up complex lesson plans.  Just like a real teacher.  I will never use these lesson plans here in Korea, but I at least like being reminded what a real teacher’s job is like.

 Like today, I stayed at school two hours after close to prepare for my 4th grade lesson tomorrow.  I set up the weather books they had begun their last lesson.  I shuffled through their name tags and got materials ready for them to maximize the class time I have with them.  I created a power point that gave students pictures and vocabulary that linked weather with activities.  I printed off hand outs with pictures that students could reference when making their weather book.  The students would connect knowledge across different lessons and grow in their English conversation skills. 

 I set up everything just the way I liked it.  Then a 4th grade student came in.  I asked him “so, how’s the weather today.”  “Um…Nice to meet you” was all it took and my head bowed.  My lesson was ruined.  If they don’t even remember the previous lesson about weather, how are we going to connect it to vocabulary they learned back in 3rd grade?  I suppose they might surprise me, but if history is a teacher then I have learned that they won’t.  “How’s the weather” bingo anyone?

 I walked into my apartment today, wondering what was the point of all this working?  Couldn’t I just skate by with minimal effort, it’s always seemed to work for me before.  What do I get out of this job?  I get an apartment and some money to spend. 

 I bet being a hermit is a pretty care free life…I think I’d want to be a hermit on some tropical island, at least it’s warm.  Or maybe San Francisco, they seem guilt ridden enough to spare some change.  Besides, they still have hippies, maybe I could be one of those.

 My friends wonder what I do with all my spare time.  Does trying to maintain a purpose in life count as an activity?



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2 responses to “My friends wonder what I do with all my spare time

  1. Eunice

    Please don’t stop writing this blog! I enjoy it far too much. 🙂

  2. Thanks Eunice, I’m not stopping at all. Hope I can keep entertaining you for many more posts.

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