Weekly Blog Roundup

– First things first, the NCAA tournament is going on. If you want to check out the games you can do that at cbs.com. Not only can you watch the games streaming but you can watch the recordings of every game so far. My recommendations: Mayo vs. Beasley (otherwise known as USC vs. Kansas State); the Kevin Love “welcome to the NBA lottery” block party against Texas A&M; and of course Michigan State making it’s 7th Sweet Sixteen in the past 11 years.

– In other online television related news check out the new season of South Park at allsp.com. You can also watch every South Park episode ever made here.

– I’m going to continue linking to this until I’m confident everybody has clicked on it. It’s that cool.

– Big Bang is once again ruining my life. First they dropped this gem on me. Then they ruined Maroon 5 (not like it was that hard). And now I find myself singing this song in between classes and creeping out my co-teachers. Damn you Big Bang and your catchy English lyrics!

– Chan Ho Park and a small hoard of Koreans almost start an international incident.

– After a tough week in the Asian financial markets, that saw the dollar = 1,000 won for the first time since like 2002, finally some Good Friday Calm. Despite all South Korea never really seems to take that big of a hit.

– Rising Chinese labor costs are causing a mild exodus of South Korean businesses away from our Olympic hosts.

– Speaking of China, will we even get to the Olympics in one piece? The violence is becoming overwhelming. Too much to ignore.

– You know, I eat these things. One more reason to hate China.

– An informative look at foreigners in Korea and crime rates.

– President Lee calls Kim Jong-Il his bitch. Kind of.

– This picture is just silly.

– A riddle wrapped in a question and blanketed with an enigma and deeply shrouded in mystery…such is Korean English Education.

– This weeks award for “alienating everybody you’ve ever known for negligible impact.” Nothing to do with Korea but…yah.

– Then finally, not a link but interesting none the less. I was talking to Rachel the other day and the subject of dentistry came up. She commented that she is glad her brother is studying to become a dentist because they make a ton of cash. Apparently insurance doesn’t cover lots of dental work. Last winter Rachel went in for a routine check up/cleaning. Guess how much it cost. Did you guess 600,000 won? Then you were correct. That’s right, 600 dollars for a check up.

A filling cost somewhere around 2,000 dollars, otherwise known as 95 percent of my pay check. Her mom chipped some teeth when she was younger and now has to pay 15,000 dollars every ten years to get them updated.

If I was a dentist here I would set up shop and simply charge like a hundred dollars less than the competition. Apparently the dentists associations pay off the government in order to keep the prices high.

In other news, I really like eating chocolate. Damn.



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2 responses to “Weekly Blog Roundup

  1. There are persistent rumors that Chinese restaurants also engage in price fixing especially on the price of jjajangmyeon.

  2. Your friend Rachael got screwed. She paid those prices HERE?

    A cleaning and x-ray at my dentist was less than 7,000 won. The filling was less than 8,000. WON, not dollars. Dental work here is CHEAP.

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