Weekly Blog Roundup

Your weekly links, while I recover from a tequila hangover and wait for Rachel to bring me a sandwich from Paris Baguette. In other words, this might be a work in progress, but I wanted to get something up before we are on to another week. Check back for more links.

– First off, Michigan State lost pretty bad to Memphis. I thought we had a chance but, as he’s been doing all season long, Neitzilla fell apart at the most unideal moment. Last year I thought he could play in the big league…now…not so sure. 6 foot streak shooters with few other skills rarely make the league. You have to be able to do at least 1 thing really well, and he didn’t do the 1 thing he’s good at that well this past season. Moving on…

– Seoul Steve throws out some opportunities to volunteer. I’m surprised “stuffwhitepeoplelike.com” hasn’t already covered ‘volunteering’ as a topic, but I suppose that they eventually will. (sidenote: while I’m not the only person to think that “stuffwhitepeoplelike.com” isn’t funny…I’m definitely in a pretty small minority…apparently, saying that white people like ‘t-shirts’ and ‘st. patty’s day’ is considered genius.)

– A Geek in Korea talks about the virtues of sleep. This is as good a time as ever to relate this anecdote Rachel told me about high school. She went to a special school for foreign languages. She had ten separate classes she had to study for, none of which included English. She told me that she would routinely study till 1 in the morning and wake up at 6 to get ready for school. She says she did this every night and that was hardly alone.

– Not Korea related, but pretty cool. You know those pictures that are taken at just the right time that wouldn’t be good if they were taken at any other moment? He’s a good collection of them. Photoshop or not?

– I forgot about this happening. Kind of old, but interesting none the less.

– Continuing the ongoing saga of North vs. South Korea. South Korea has started a job training program for North Korean defectors.

– Speaking of North vs. South. The rhetoric and actions are heating up with North Korea expelling South Korean officials from a joint venture industrial park. A day later North Korea tests some short range missiles. Doesn’t it feel like a lifetime ago, we were all so excited over the Royal Philharmonic playing in North Korea?

– Students are punished for having different hair. If you look at older picture of Korean classrooms you’ll find that it was a requirement for all girls to have exactly shoulder length hair or that it should be French braided. This is an observation confirmed by many of the co-teachers in my school.

– Seouls tag of “Most Wired City in the World” is becoming more and more ominous with each passing day. Yes, there are lots of wires…but no wireless…and an outdated encryption system that keeps Koreans from joining global computer trends and foreigners from buying things online.

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