How to cross a busy Korean street

Street signs and lights are for losers. Breaking the law is what all the cool kids do. Here’s how you do it without dying –

I trailed him for a block or so. I had a hunch that where he was going was the same place I was going. The walk never lies.

He began to slow down when we came to the intersection, a novice might have given up hope. I am no novice. I knew that he was just surveying the land, taking in the smells and perfectly timing his path across the street. A path that would cause as little danger for him and as much annoyance as possible for those driving. I had to be in on this.

There are those special moment that you will never, in your life, get again. Your first kiss; the view from the stage when you graduated high school; that time you almost dropped and shattered your cell phone, but caught it just before it hit the ground and nobody was watching; these are moments you will never get again but will always remember. The moment I stepped from the sidewalk and onto the street; the moment the car stopped a few feet from me and the driver honked angrily was one of them. For, just a moment, after he honked at me he noticed him, the elderly man I had been following crossing the street next to me. The elderly man who did not take kindly to a younger man honking at him.

I walked away, down the street. The sounds of an elderly man chewing out a younger man drifting along behind me. I smiled.

Sometimes I love this country.



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One response to “How to cross a busy Korean street

  1. Emily

    nice rhyme on the side, on the right. xoxox Em

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