Weekly Blog Roundup

About this past weekend from N-Bomb (hope you don’t mind I’m quoting your facebook wall, but it’s just too good)

your phone is broken, matt’s phone is lost, leslie’s wallet and camera are lost, one of my shoes is lost, joe’s memory of last night is lost….what a night! it’s a good thing joe only has one birthday!

That about sums it up…onto the good stuff

– Kind of an older post, but probably slipped under the radar of the Korean/Foreigner population. Did you know that Kim Jong-il is an NBA buff? He even went so far as to invite some NBA people to come run some basketball camps in his country. I guess that makes two things I have in common with Kim Jong-il, the NBA and knowing how to say “Hello” in Korean.

– The president of South Korea decides to donate his entire salary to the poor. True, he’s already pretty rich…and stands to get richer…but a cool gesture none the less.

– A couple really cool picture sites that give you a good view of Korea. The first is a search engine so it would come in handy for multiple uses, but the pics of South Korea are really nice. The second is a collection of Panoramas from around Korea, you might need to use Internet Explorer to view these, but well worth it.

– A website dedicated to the removal of American G.I.s in South Korea. Not sure how accurate it is, but it raises interesting questions about how negative media is filtered to foreigners. If anybody has any information on this that is more credible send me an email or leave a comment.

– Via EFLgeek, an interesting conversation about the practices of those doing the hiring of EFL teachers around the world.

Korean Pop Wars does the heavy lifting and translates the top ten movies in Korea for the past week or so. Interesting how many foreign movies are on the list.

– Without the usual aide from the South, North Korea will be experiencing a massive food shortage. I wonder if this would finally be enough to break the spirit of Kim Jong-Il? (I think we all know the answer to that question) My real question I guess is; “How long will the people of North Korea put up with being oppressed by a madman?” Maybe, not long. For my extended thoughts, check out my post earlier this week.

– Antisemitism sells in Korea. A new ad features Nazi symbols and Hitler bars are not uncommon. Hardly an antisemitic people, I would argue that most Koreans are too wrapped up in their own history/lives to care about the underlying messages of the ad. Besides, Nazis were so stylish.

– Another example of Koreans not really caring. Just like with Nazi ad campaigns, or t-shirts that say blatantly stupid things in English, heres an ad that asks if it can suck on your banana. There has to be a sociological reason for all of this? Hasn’t there?

– I’ve linked to this before, but I felt it deserved a second run. A cool animation that displays that past thousand or so years of Korean history.

– Recommended places to visit during the spring months.

– This weeks “we really needed a study to tell us this” study.

– Finally, nothing to do with Korea but a really cool album I heard recently. Remember the “Gray Album” where Dj Danger Mouse took Jay-z’s Black album and mixed it with The Beatles White Album? Well, Dj extraordinaire Mark Ronson and currently “bum rushing the stage” mc Rhymefest team up to give us “Man in the Mirror.” An album that has Rhymefest rapping over Michael Jackson tracks, cleverly put together by Ronson. Because of sample clearances and the kajillion dollars it would take to buy these tracks from Michael, you can download the CD for free here. Definitely worth the time, I haven’t listened to anything else for the past 4 days. Even the skits in between songs, where Rhymefest talks to old Michael interviews, are genuinely funny…how often do you see that?


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  1. Glad ELT World has made it to your fine blog. Keep up the good work!

    David V.

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