This post sucks…read it anyways…random thoughts

Don’t really feel like writing lately, even though I have lots of things I want to write about. Figure out how that works. Anyways, here’s some random thoughts/experiences…I would actually classify them more as observations than anything else.

– This year we had the most competitive Super Bowl ever, the greatest playoff race in the history of the NBA and an overtime thriller in NCAA men’s basketball. Even though I hate Kansas, that’s still pretty intense. To cap it all off I get an email with the Lollapalooza lineup today. This year I will be missing “Radiohead,” “Nine Inch Nails” and “Rage Against the Machine (!)” I would say that god officially hates me but…but…well nothing, god hates me…stupid god.

– Word of advice, if you are ever having acupuncture done on your back, don’t cough when the needles are in…that shit hurts.

– In that same vein…don’t sneeze either…shit hurts even more

– Most annoying thing about Korea = everybody having the exact same holidays so that on the odd extra day off, everybody has the same day off.  Want to fly somewhere during vacation?  Get your 2009 tickets today! (seriously, cause if you don’t you can’t get them later)

– Today we had to clear out my classroom so that the government could use it for elections tomorrow. Ok, fine. But I forgot a book in my class that I needed. I went back to get it and the stupid government lady wouldn’t let me in. Five minutes later I went back out to check again and everybody was gone, leaving me the opportunity to sneak into my classroom. I looked everywhere for an opportunity to screw up their elections, as retribution, but no such luck. Stupid god.

– Also, guess how many “Wonder Girls” posters the government put up around my classroom. If you guessed 3, you are correct.

– Whenever I go to the sandwich shop around the corner the Korean women laugh at me because it’s the stereotype that westerners love bread. Hell yah I do…bread’s delicious. I used to feel a little offended until I remembered how much I used to make fun of Asian people for coming into the Chinese restaurant I worked at. (sidenote: you think the people at PF Changs are really nice? think again…we hate you…now tip us 20%) Stupid karma.

– I had the best conversation with a Taxi driver ever, yesterday. He only used Korean words that I knew and I left feeling that I had impressed him. The best was that he didn’t ask for my phone number so that he could become my new Korean instructor (this has happened twice already).

– On the subject of phones and taxis, some taxi driver found my phone. I had to travel about an hour by sub to pick it up at the taxi headquarters. When I got there I had to give him a gift for finding my phone. This feels forced and insincere…”thanks for finding my phone in the back seat of your car that you are probably forced to check every night anyways, then for dropping it off at the office you have to go to anyway…it must have been a huge inconvenience for you.” I bought him some juice, apparently that’s considered an acceptable gift.

– The best part of getting my phone back…I get to keep all my soduko scores

– On a happier note, I haven’t died yet.

– On a side note to the happier note…I have stopped leaving my air conditioning on all night. Not because I’m afraid of fans killing me or something, but because it was costing me 200,000 won a month.

– My school caught on fire a week ago. There were no alarms or sprinklers. There were no drills. I found out my school was on fire when 10 fire trucks rolled into our school yard. We spent the next 20 minutes hanging out in our classroom.  Somewhere Crime Dog McGruff is snorting heroine.

Finally, with nothing else on my mind here’s a video

7 months?  Right?


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