Weekly Blog Round Up

A day late…no dollars short

– A couple via the marmot: First I’m always a sucker for running diaries. Here’s one about the elections last week. And remember a few weeks ago when I posted the 3d pictures that Microsoft was collecting/creating…well, never one to be outdone, Korea has released some of it’s archives and created a 3d picture of Keijo University as it was during the Japanese Colonialism. 3d pictures are to my liking as running diaries are to my liking.

– A couple from Korea beat dealing with the happiness of it’s population. One is about the happiness of teenagers (guess what, they’re unhappy and have an identity crisis…are you surprised?) and the other one is about the happiness of office workers. Regardless what you say or think about a country, if it’s people are happy then I would argue that it is succeeding. If the people are unhappy however, despite money or anything else, I would say that the country is not succeeding.

– There were actually lots of good ones from Korea Beat this week. Honestly, just go look there. You’ll find anything you’ve ever wanted to know.

– Rain is huge in Korea, and is more popular than Stephen Colbert. Wonder how that went over?

– Here’s the Youtube video of Colbert vs. Rain:

Pop Seoul didn’t think Colbert tried with this one. He made an entire music video, that is fairly accurate to Korean Music Videos and actually uses Korean. I’d say he put his work in. But Rain can get any Korean girl he wants…I think that makes him the winner.

– If the world hasn’t ended before then, this is what Korea might look like in 2026.

Anti foreigner comic strip ends up being much more offensive to Korean women…This might be a later post.

– Just another example of Japanese discrimination towards Korea…the Wii has not yet been released here. Cartman is pissed.

– Maybe my favorite example yet of funny Korean commercials…Rachel can not understand why I find this funny and accuses all American guys of having sexually perverted minds…Pleaes, I’m not even trying here.

– The commercial isn’t that great, but the name of the bank is.

– Thanks to Roboseyo we can now do the torch relay ourselves...grab your tibetan flags and play.

– then finally, a note. If you ever do a weekly blog roundup with links and stuff, when you come across links during the week make sure you bookmark them. Otherwise you spend 30 minutes searching through every sight you’ve looked at in the past 3 weeks…damn

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