Still Obsessed With Korean MTV

Korean Pop, or K-pop to those in the know (that would now be you) is a musical juggernaut when it comes to Asia. They make no lies to themselves about copying the American Music Industry, but they keep out the turbo sex charged videos that would turn off many consumers in countries based around old world traditions. I admire their honesty.

Additionally, since Korea is pretty much the one East Asian country that has money AND hasn’t tried to invade the rest of Asia (sorry China/Japan) it’s easy for their music to cross into other countries markets.

Anyways, it’s been a while since I’ve done a Korean MTV update. Here you go…

Big Bang – Last Farewell

Holy Crap, I hate Big Bang so much I think they might be the first Korean album I actually buy. It’s either that or taking a drill to my head to try and take the songs out the good ol’ Medieval way.

Either way, you have to respect a video that involves driving with sunglasses at night. German girls love that song.

Monday Kiz – Inside Story

Follow the story of the killer rubics cube. At least I think that’s what is making everybody sick. This video just once again proves something I’ve long suspicioned, and that is “I don’t understand Korean music videos.” The beats kind of catchy though.

Jang Woo Hyuk – Sun that Never Sets

Kind of an old video, but I post it for those who were ever asked the question “what would the Black Eyed Peas sound like if they were Korean?”

hope this helps

Mc Sniper – Something in Korean

Nothing super special about this, but just a really addicting piano loop.

Rain – I’m Coming

Rain is more influential than Stephen Colbert, according to a Time 100 internet poll. I am not surprised though, when most Korean girls list their favorite activity as surfing the web, with their second favorite “finding a rich, handsome boyfriend” (in a study I don’t have the energy to link to right now).

Other then that this video is completely absurd. It’s not the cliche chorus about “It’s raining” or the war zone or the shots of people burning to death all around him during his 4 minute dance sequence…no, it’s the pelvic thrusts which, I must admit, have influenced me to sit farther back from my computer screen…so I guess that’s something Colbert has never done.

Dynamic Duo – Chul Check

I leave you with this video by Dynamic Duo. If you ever wanted a crash course in what Korean TV was like the parodies they do in this video are pretty spot on. From the English Teaching Channel to Old Man Chess Channel to The Painting Guy with an afro Channel. The only channel they’re missing is the “two computer geeks battle each other in war craft” channel, which is oddly entertaining by the way.

Expect a few more Korean MTV updates coming up.


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3 responses to “Still Obsessed With Korean MTV

  1. Eunice

    All Korean music videos involve 1) nose bleeding 2) a “To be continued…” thing at the end. asdfghjkllllllll

    The name of the “봄이여 오라” which means something like “Come unto spring” or “Come spring”.

    Also, Jang Woo Hyuk is hooooot, yo~

    And I hate that Rain video. The music is nowhere fierce enough for the music video.

  2. Eunice

    Oh wow… big typo. I meant the name of the MC Sniper song is “봄이여 오라” which means something like “Come unto spring” or “Come spring”. ><;;

  3. Kayla

    i like big bang

    you’re writing is very raw and straight to the point
    i wonder how many anti’s youll bet if big bang fans read this ahha

    i don’t care, i just like how big bangs like one of the only half not poppy boy band from korea, like ever
    and i hate that rain video gross.

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