Hey there have you heard about my robot friend?

Korean music videos generally fall under one of two categories:

Incredibly Silly

Unnecessarily Sad

The unnecessarily sad thing is something I’m gonna talk about in some later posts when I get out of my current “I don’t feel like writing” funk. (oddly enough, I have more ideas for posts than I’ve had all year…not sure what that means)

Anyways, last night I was procrastinating some work when I stumbled upon this video. I thought out of all the videos I had seen this one captured the true essence of Koreans videos. I have seen no other video, so far, that exemplifies the Korean video obsession with sadness while being so incredibly absurd at the same time.  Best of both worlds.

Now, I warn you: I hate this actual song. So instead I suggest turning down the volume on that video and playing this one on repeat. It’s really not that sad anymore.


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One response to “Hey there have you heard about my robot friend?

  1. Hahaha, a friend sent me this video, like, four years ago and I had forgotten about it. Actually, thanks for bringing it back up, it’s both cute and heart-wrenchingly sad. I don’t know why her father didn’t just buy a new wheelchair, rather than crafting one out of her friend. But some issues are just bigger than all of us.

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