A completely scientific breakdown of Korean cartoon dinosaurs from the 80’s vs. American cartoon dinosaurs of the 80’s

You know, when you get down to it Korea really isn’t that different from the United States. Case in point: Dooley the Dinosaur.

I’d post the video directly here, but I can’t figure out how to embed videos that don’t involve the words “you” and “tube.” So for the time being check out Dooley the Dinosaur here.

If you’re too lazy to click on the link then let me tell you about him. Dooley, as close as I can figure is a baby Brontosaurus. However, he does not exhibit any Brontosaurus traits such as a long neck or being really really big. Additionally, Dooley has special magic powers. How did he get them you ask?

Peanut Butter and Crack.

Dooley Special powers include, but are not limited to: Flying, time travel, pointing his finger and creating unicorns out of thin air.

Dooley has a special friend with a big red nose. The friend with a red nose is from outer space (says Rachel) and has a magic flying broom.

This reminds me of my favorite, modern American dinosaur “Denver the Last Dinosaur.”

Like Dooley, Denver can also time travel with the assistance of an ancient rock. Denver could also play guitar and skateboard. Denver is totally, more radical than Dooley.

The mathematical equation for Denver’s awesomeness looks something like this:

Denver > Dooley

That’s math. Math = Fact.

I told Rachel about Denver the Last Dinosaur, to which she replied “yes, that’s much more scientific.”

In case you forgot, here is a Youtube video of Denver.


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