A free shot for your thoughts

I’m really trying to decide if my year is on an upward climb or a downward spiral?

A bustling street corner with children running around, riding bikes and roller skating. Free shots of raspberry soju outside a convenience store. Why shouldn’t there be?

What does this scene say about Korea, I wonder.

For a moment I don’t care, I grab a shot. I walk around the block, take off my jacket and come back to the stand hoping they won’t recognize the only foreigner they’ve seen all day.

Back to the question at hand. It has constantly occurred to me that my observations of Korea are only half observations. Without language as an explanation of events I am left to conjecture to my hearts content. My heart decides to muss up my hair and try the free shot stand again.

What do my actions say about me?

As someone who has spent their life defining existence through words I am left high and dry when it comes to explaining a culture I have no verbal communication with.

Some might call this the ultimate experience of existentialism. A person may finally, truly be defined by only their actions, but I constantly feel like I am only getting half the story.

I suppose Rachel could be a complete idiot when she speaks in Korean. I doubt it. She seems to do many smart things.

What have I learned about the Korean people through all of this?

They really seem to enjoy their free samples.

Cue the happy dancing sojus

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